More embarrassed!

Hi All
I posted about my first time repeat sit last month and how the HO’s took me for a meal upon arriving, left me some amazing food for my sit, left me a bottle of champagne for New Years Eve and asked the weekly cleaner to take me grocery shopping at their expense. Well they treated me to another nice meal last night as I left today. They took me to the airport and gave me an envelope. I thought it was a thank you card. Which would have been an amazing gesture but upon opening the envelope at the airport, it was not only a thank you card but 200 euros! I’m a bit taken aback tbh. I’ve sent a message saying it wasn’t needed but thanking them.


What great hosts! So nice that they appreciated your value!

Obviously, money is not supposed to be exchanged for THS, but when we house-sat before we joined THS, we left it completely up to the pet owners whether they paid us or not. Sometimes we felt the money was very appropriate due to the amount of work the sit entailed. Sometimes we gave all or part of the money back - or at least tried to refuse it - when it was an easy sit.

This summer we sat for friends who always pay us. They gave us money on their return and then a week or so later Venmoed us more once they realized how much one of their elderly dogs had been pooping in the house.

My point is sometimes you deserve it. And it is always awesome to have a host who realizes your value.


Such kind hosts. It seems they are very appreciative and are able to be very generous.


Very kind people. You know we are all dying to identify the sit :blush:


What a fabulous way to be embarrassed @richten1 - you’re clearly highly valued and appreciated by them and good on you! #kindnessgoesalongway


Wow! What great hosts! You hit the jackpot!