Moving from SW FL to the "half-back state"

Greetings everyone!
Sometimes people move to Florida, discover it’s not for them, and move to the “half- back state” - North Carolina (it’s halfway back north). :slight_smile:

That’s my plan!

I just finished my first housesit in Durham, NC for 2 cats. I drove around every afternoon exploring - I loved the Raleigh-Durham area! My hosts, their cats, and beautiful home were wonderful! After 6 years in Naples, Florida, I still miss real trees and spring and fall changes in the air.

As soon as I sell my Naples condo, I will move north to the Raleigh-Durham area. Meanwhile I’m applying for more NC housesits to take excellent care of pets and homes and do more exploring!

Looking forward to learning more from this community! Thanks and safe and happy travels!


Hi @Lisa6 Welcome to our community Forum and to TrustedHousesitters, thank you for joining us from Florida & NC … What a win, win, win, WIN!! Your first pet sitting lifestyle “test drive” and relocation decision a done deal … A purrfect all round solution. :heart_eyes:

Thank you for sharing.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with members from around the world, I’m sure there are those with a very similar story … if you have any questions or need any helpful advice this is the place to ask there are members with every level of experience from the very new, like you to those with years of pet and housesitting experience.

Congratulations on your first sit and good luck with your moving plans, do keep us updated!!

Welcome again.

Thanks so much for the warm welcome, Angela! So glad to be here to share, learn and explore!