New North Carolina member saying “Hello”

I’m a new member from the small town of Sanford in central North Carolina. I’m a retired biology teacher and spend most of my time enjoying my pets, garden and lake. It’s a great little lake for kayaking or just enjoying the view.

I’ve had one sitter and one sit this summer. Both experiences were great. I’m grateful to my son and his wife for telling me about THS. Visiting them on the West Coast and seeing other family members scattered around the country is my main reason for joining. THS is providing peace of mind for leaving my pets and home in safe hands. Eventually I hope to travel abroad, if I can find female traveling companions of similar age and ability.

I have 3 pets who give such joy to my life. Bailey is a 12-yr old Lab mix rescue. Someone may to argue, but he’s the Best Dog Ever! I also have 2 young cats who are rescues. Cassie Cat is a rather rare blue/dilute tortoiseshell with some tabby striping. She’s getting over her people shyness. Katie Kitty is a classic gray tabby and rules all.


HI @alculler and welcome to the forum. It’s great to hear that you have already had some great experiences through THS and it is a lovely way to visit your family while having your own space. You have a gorgeous trio of pets and a fantastic looking location, so I’m sure you’ll have lots of interest from sitters. Your first photo drew me in and I love the picture you paint of sitting on the deck in your rocking chair with a glass of wine at sunset. Sadly we are in the UK, so a bit too far away, but maybe some time in the future…

Welcome @alculler. As a sitter and a HO. I split my home time between Chapel Hill and Washington, DC and have had some nice sits close to home in NC.
Will keep an eye out for your sits - and maybe think about organizing a meet-up for sitters and HOs in the Triangle area.
I attended 2 meet-ups in London where I’m sitting now over the last month. Will actually be sitting for a week in CH for my brother last half of Sept.
Take care.


Hi @alculler and welcome to the forum! I see you have had many great replies to your post and I personally, can tell you that @toml would be a great sitter for you! We are in Charlotte, so almost neighbors, and Tom sat for our baby girl Sassy before she passed away last November. He was awesome with her and she was so relaxed when we got home. She would lay her head in his lap while he was watching TV, which is exactly what she did with us.

Welcome again!


Thx for warm welcome. Who knows what future holds :butterfly:


I’m sure I’d meet some cool people at a Raleigh area meet-up. Keep me in mind. Thx for warm welcome :butterfly: