My first sit--I am a "hero"!

Hello there> I am on my first house sit. I choose a local just to get a feel for it. I am just 13 minutes away from home. I am glad I did this the owner’s original sitter cancelled because of appendicitis! I confirmed the sit just the day before she left! She wrote on her white board in the kitchen “I am her hero!”

I have wanted to do this for a long time. I am very excited for my future sits.


Hello, @Jac96 Welcome to the forum community and what a fantastic first sit story and inspiration for choosing a local sit. It is amazing that you stepped in and helped the owner. :grin:

Now that you are here you can use the spyglass to search for previously discussed topics and you can also add your THS sitters profile link to your forum profile, that way other community members can view it and give you helpful tips and feedback.

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If you need any help let me know.

What pet/s are you caring for?


Welcome @Jac96. Your first sit must be exciting?
Not a bad idea to do local sits to start with to build up your feedback. Took me 23 applications for my first sit that was a little further than yours but still maybe 40 minutes from my home. Been fortunate to do sits all over Europe since then.
Enjoy your sit!


Well done you for stepping in like that. I’m sure this will open up far more opportunities for you now. :tada:


Hi @Jac96 - What a great story and a first sit you will never forget! - well done


Hi @Jac96 – if that’s not a sign that you’re on the right path with pet sitting, I don’t know what is! That was wonderful for everyone involved that you stepped in on such short notice. Well done!

Welcome to our community, and enjoy your pet sit.


Wow, sits all over Europe. I know a rnenber from Ireland that sits all over Europe. My aspirations!
Thanks for the personal note!


You ARE a hero! Welcome to the adventure :heart:


Wow you are a hero! Thank you for helping on such short notice. Welcome to the THS community :green_heart::dog:


Welcome @Jac96 hope you’re enjoying your first sit!

Our first sit was also confirmed because the home owner had been let down and she considered us life savers. The sit was amazing and I’m actually back here currently covering a long weekend away for them. I adore the pets and apparently Doris the staffy adores me as well :smiley:


awww! @TheNomads that’s so sweet! You are a hero. Thanks for stepping in on short notice.


Many other “last minute” local sits may be possible for you if you can respond and travel quickly to fill in.

This “start local” strategy builds your reviews. A lot of 5-star reviews helps later when you travel further away.

It is an exciting adventure. Good luck!

Wow, that is so nice!..

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Yes, that is what I have been told. Thanks for the reinforcement! The pacific northwest is so beautiful (as a local) and has a lot to offer everywhere to explore locally.

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Thanks, I am sitting a chihuahua daschound mix…I am accustomed to large dogs, mine is a 90 pound Doberman .


@Jac96 Thank you for sharing a photo, we love any pet photos here. What a little cutie and quite the size difference from your Doberman! Loving dogs in all sizes :dog: :blush: I hope you are having a wonderful time :grin:

It wasn’t a difficult decision on my part :smiley: fabulous owners, lovely house and totally super pets. also bit of an ulterior motive as I don’t want anyone else to sit for them because I want to keep them all to myself :wink::rofl:


That’s so cute. We are looking forward to Pet Sitting. I signed up about 3 months ago but haven’t got my act together to provide our (detailed) Resume. Now’s the time though. Just for anyone that might come across this post, this is our plan for this “Australian Winter”.

We are travelling to Europe in July / August for 5 weeks. We haven’t made firm plans and are now just checking airfares so we can lock in dates.

We intend on going to Southern Italy, Barcelona, Greece and especially the Greek Islands for a few weeks.
You can read my bio and I will update further in next day or so. Being “Retired” one cannot rush these things.


Yes, it’s great to start close to home. My first sit was about an hour’s drive away with two adorable cats. I’ve done a lot of sits since and will soon head to Sweden, Norway and Denmark! Plus more sits closer to home in Ireland.


Definitely get started on your adventures! Highly recommend it, best thing we’ve done.