My sit doesn't appear on our Dashboard

Hello, we are at a return sit and it has not showed up on our Dashboard. We were sent an invite we accepted. We have tried reviewing our welcome guide from the first sit and it isn’t accessible when we look at past sits. Shouldn’t a sit we accepted be on our Dashboard? We arrived today. Appreciate the help.

It should be but then again when it comes to THS systems the bugs definitely outnumber the patches. Only thing I can think of is trying to see whether it’s isolated to whatever platform you are using ie app or website error by trying to access it via whatever platform you aren’t using (ie app or website). The app nearly game me a heart attack today when it was showing one less star than I know I have but then in some other view the missing star was back. Just keeping us on our toes.

@JenniferR It could be that the HOs membership has subsequently expired after the sit was confirmed- did the sit show up on the dashboard when you first confirmed/accepted it ?

Contact : for help and mark the title URGENT.

BTW - It’s usual that you can’t see a Welcome Guide from a previous sit - it disappears once the sit is completed, we do repeat sits and have to re-request each time )

Hi @JenniferR,
Just check your calendar to see if the dates are actually crossed out for this sit as it may not have been actually properly confirmed. That would be why you can’t access the WG too. Hope THS can sort it out if this is the case.

Interesting as my calendar does not show this sit. I got an invite and accepted it which I can see in my inbox. I have written for customer support. Thank you for the guidance.

This happened to us once as well, but just on the app. Logging into the web version it showed everything correctly.