My sitter cancelled for to unforeseen circumstances

I am looking for a sitter for my cat in December. I live in the heart of Albany, New York about a block from Lark Street. My cat Clara is low-key but fun. She has an autofeeder but does need to be fed once in the evening. Any suggestions for how I can best find a great sitter during this busy time of year?

Post Moderated - dates removed in-line with guidelines - thank you for understanding

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@Jacklynn please keep in mind that this is a worldwide forum. I know of an Albany in New York State and Australia. Please be more specific.

If you are a TrustedHousesitters member, take time to create a thorough listing and then embed it in your forum profile/username. Helpful forum members are happy to then give constructive feedback, plus it will give your listing a little more exposure.

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Hello, I have updated it to include the exact location. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!


Hi Jacklynn,
What dates do you need someone for. I have sat up to four cats at a time, all different ages and food and medical needs. Love kitties and have great references.

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Hi Ellie,

Thanks for reaching out! I messaged you privately. I originally had the dates in the post but the moderator removed them.

Hi @Jacklynn. For whatever reason, the forum guidelines say no listings/dates in messages. So we have to link to our listings/profiles via our forum profile. Snowbird already mentioned this, and I’ve quoted them. If you do that, it’ll make it a lot easier for everyone to help you.

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Hi Geoff,

I believe I did embed it in my profile. It should show up if you click on it but it doesn’t for the preview. Thanks!

Warm regards,

Hi Jacklynn. Okay, you’re right, I see it there. But thinking of the long run, that’s not how it’s normally done. The instructions from Snowbird are correct (at least, I think that’s all I used to do mine.) Let me see if I can illustrate below.

  1. When I click on my name in a forum post, I see:

    • Note that it’s clear there’s a link to my TH profile/listing. You can click it right away.
  2. When I click on your name, I see:

    • I will normally assume this is a member/user who hasn’t linked to their profile/listing. So I’ll resend the instructions. Or if I’ve done that already, I may just move on and try to help someone else.
    • Why did you link your TH profile that way? Maybe I’m missing something.

Hi @Jacklynn Thank you @geoff.hom for your advice.
I have added your listing profile to your profile preferences (web link), so it is now showing correctly.
I hope this helps.


Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to do this! It looks like it has been fixed now. Have a great day!