Nashville, TN


Getting ready to do my very first house sit in Spring Hill, TN which is 15 miles south of Nashville and near Franklin.

Looking for recommendations of places to eat and play. Also wondering if anyone here is a sitter or home owner that would like to meet up? I enjoy meeting new people and exploring the area where I am visiting. Only want to be gone about 2-3 hours per day from the house and pets. I do work remote and have a flex schedule so can meet anytime during the day or early evening.

I’m from Lexington, KY so if you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods (and I’m home) I’d be happy to show you around or give you local recommendations as I am a travel blogger and recommend places to “eat, stay, play and repeat.”

Thanks for the recommendations.



Good luck with your first sit. I’m in the UK so have no recommendations but hopefully you’ll get some

You are going to love that area. Our best friends live in the Franklin area and the town there is adorable. Check out the Red Pony for a great meal in town…cozy, warm, and sometimes you can spot country music artists there (Luke Bryan is known for going there). Also, for Asian Fusion, check out the Wild Iris.

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Place that’s on my bucket list. Even the name Nashville evokes so many images. Haven’t any recommendations but keep us informed. Who knows it might be my turn soon.

Hi and welcome. I was just recently in the the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Glorious.
Happy sitting!

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Puckett’s Grocery in Franklin is an interesting place and they sometimes have live music.


Thanks Smiley. I hope to get to the UK in the future and do my first international house sit.

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Thanks so much for the recommendations!! I will surely be checking these places out and hopefully writing about them on my blog and snapping a selfie or two with a country music star.

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