New HO here from WA, USA

Hi all! My husband & I are new here. We live in the great pacific NW, in WA state. Just recently, I was a full-time soccer coach for my daughter’s premier team & mom so we didn’t get to do much traveling. Now that I’ve stepped back and we homeschool our girls, we would love to travel more. We have 3 adorable Ragdoll kittens and 4 extremely sweet Cavalier puppies! All of our pets are extremely friendly and love being with humans. We hate to leave them, but when we do, we wanted to make sure someone would love them as much as they would love you! We heard about THS and decided to try it out! We want to make sure our sitters have a wonderful stay, so anything extra we can do for them, we gladly will do, including making sure they have a car to use at their convenience.


Welcome @Bri
You have some beautiful animals in a beautiful part of the world. There are some very fortunate sitters in this space who will absolutely love to assist you.
Enjoy the adventures of all your explorations.

Hello @Bri and a warm welcome to you and your family, human and furry! 4 Cavalier puppies… how adorable… please, please share us a photo! Your introduction is just lovely… and your consideration in wanting to …

will I’m sure have people beating at the door when you are ready to travel. We’ve seen so many travelers and nomadic families benefit from home-schooling their children while travelling so I’m sure there will be many more members keen to follow your family travels! Welcome again to both TrustedHousesitters and the forum - enjoy connecting with our members :slight_smile:


Here are a few pictures of them.


And here are the puppies


Oh my gosh…beautiful

Do tell the story about how you ended up with 4 puppies and 3 kittens!!


Absolutely adorable @Bri thank you for answering @Vanessa-Admin request for photos and yes like @Amparo I’d like to know the story behind this ever expanding feline and canine family.

They are absolutely gorgeous :heart_eyes: thank-you so much for sharing.

Hi! When Covid hit my girls were actively in sports year-round for years. And for years they begged us for dogs & cats. We had both years previously, and when they started doing competitive sports, it just wasn’t fair for the animals as we could rarely be at home with them, so they went to live on a farm in Texas.

When everything came to a screeching halt, they decided they were ready for new adventures and kept asking for dogs and cats. We agreed as they wanted to do 4H for both. So, they are slowly getting into that with both the kittens and puppies. The puppies are all AKC & the kittens are all TICA so it’s fun to do events with them with both organizations. It’s been so rewarding. And each of the girls has their own kitten and puppy and I have a puppy I chose from birth. Having dogs in the past, it’s been a lot of fun working and training them. And the kittens are actually as trainable as the puppies. A lot of people will tell you a ragdoll is like a dog. Very loyal and always follows you around. They even will sit for a treat and they love jumping. My oldest daughter actually is working on tricks with them while my middle daughter works a lot with the puppies. Because they are homeschooled, they have a ton a time to spend with them now! It’s been quite an adventure, but one of the most rewarding one. They are constantly keeping us entertained.