Hello from WA, USA the Evergreen State

MY name is Beth and my husband Mark and I live in Washington State. We are not quite retired but the kids are all adulting on their own so we hope to travel in the several years as much as we can afford. We have an older Shepard mix named Daisy and 2 new Kittens, born end of Sep. 2023. I am a public school district employee. I do all things Library related including basic technology troubleshooting, as all the kids have laptops. Mark is self employed as an environmental consultant. We have a 3 person corporation called Beaver Creek Environmental Services. Summer of 2022 was our first experience with THS and it went very well. We had a great trip to Europe Knowing our pets and house were cared for. Looking to to the same this summer joining our oldest son, wife and new grandbaby !!


Hello @Searcyej

I would like to welcome you to the forum community and it is great to have you here :grin:

I can see that your forum profile already contains the link to your THS home listing and I am sure that you will get some great feedback and tips from other community members.

I can see that you have some great previous feedback from your last sitter and that your dates are towards the end of June, so you still have lots of time to find a suitable sitter to care for Daisy, Milo & Cleo.

Please also feel free to use the spyglass to search for previously discussed topics. If you type in ‘listing advice’ there are several topics.

Congratulations on your new Grandbaby!! :smiling_face:

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Thank you ! Really hope we can find a sitter for our trip this summer.