New HO’s from Baltimore, Maryland USA

Hello @dland44192

I would like to wish you a very warm welcome to the community forum and that’s fantastic news that you have three great applicants already.

As a sitter on the site, we normally have a video call with an owner then the owner will either offer the sit at the end of the call or say they will let us know. Often they will give us a time frame say within the next day for example. We welcome both of us getting the opportunity to sleep on it.
The time frame is important as you should never feel pressured to offer any sitter the sit unless you feel it is the right choice for you, however, sitters are often applying for several sits with overlapping dates until they are officially confirmed on one. So if you like a sitter it’s best to move on that.

The video call is as much for you to decide if the sitter is a great fit, as it is for the sitter to decide if the sit is right for them.

Once you have decided the sitter is a fit and they agree then you can officially confirm them in your inbox and they can officially accept the sit. Then they are your confirmed sitter. Yay!

You can then complete the online welcome guide and send it to them via the site.
You can also swap personal contact details as we often like to Whatsapp (it’s free) with our owners for any questions and just to connect before and during the sit.

I hear you as it is completely normal to feel both excited and nervous at the same time. Leaving my dog Fudge whilst I was away always pulled on my heartstrings! It’s a big step to leave your furbaby and home for the first time. However, trust your gut on who is the right fit for you and Ollie.

I am sure you will make some wonderful connections with sitters. We have done a few repeat sits and kept in contact with some previous owners and pets. Friendships are definitely born using this site.

I hope that some owners on the forum will reach out with their advice on this as well.

You can also add your THS home listing to your forum profile so that others can view it. Here is how:

If you need help let me know.

We recently sat in Hydes, MD very near Baltimore. When we are next back the owner recommended we visit the dock/marina in Baltimore, so that is on our list.

Where are you and John off to on your trip?