New in Town! Hi there!

My name is Janine and I’m from San Diego, California.
I love it here! I’m looking for pet/house sitting jobs that are almost anywhere. :grin:
What’s the next step?

Hi Janine
When you say ‘jobs’ that indicates to me you expect payment. Is that right? If so, this isn’t the place for you as sitters don’t get paid. It is a mutual exchange, so owners don’t have to pay for kennels/catteries. It’s a win-win

Hi @Janine143 Janine,

Welcome to our Community Forum thank you for joining us from Sunny San Diego CA … although I understand at the moment, you are going through the June Blues, not you personally but the city. We hope you see the sun again very soon.

As @Smiley says pet sitting with TrustedHousesitters is a lifestyle choice and not a job … this article from our website blog will give you a great start to knowing what amazing opportunities there are to share your life with pets and people, in many different places.

We also have a very active local San Diego community with events happening across the city … you’ll often find us in Little Italy on a Saturday.

Our next Event is on July 29th and we are always welcoming new member volunteers too. We are also proud to be pawtnered with The Helen Woodward Rescue Centre … Pawmicon & Surf Dog are coming to dog lovers around the city. in July & Sept. Lots going on in your local area.

Back to the Forum, we have a really helpful, friendly and support community so please feel free to ask your questions …

Welcome again.

The Admin Team

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Welcome @Janine143 once you have become a THS member you can create a profile .
Then you can apply for sits.

We joined 6 months ago and have found 8 sits that suit us and have be confirmed with the Home Owner.

Also once you have created your profile , Home Owners will be able to see it and invite you directly .

If you want tips on creating a great profile, here is a thread you might find useful reading .