New Listing - any advice would be welcome

Hello, I am new to TH and have created my first listing, I would welcome any advice to maximise sitters interest.

Many Thanks

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Hi @rdeh71 welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters and congratulations on posting your first listing … we have edited your post as you need to add your listing to your Forum profile which can be easliy done by following these instructions

Once you have done this our helpful community members will be only to happy to help in anyway they can with feedback and advice.

Welcome again and enjoy connecting with our members and we look forward to “meeting” you and your furry family.

Where about in the world are you?

Hi Angela, thanks for the message. I live in Corsham between Bath and Chippenham in the UK, in lovely Wiltshire. I think I have successfully carried out your instructions on adding my listing to my profile. If you get a moment to check that would be great.

many thanks again…

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Hello, @rdeh71 I would also like to offer a welcome to the forum community :slight_smile:

I can see the link to your listing is now in your forum profile.

I spent some time in Chippenham (close to the wonderful farm shop if it is still there?) so I know it is a lovely area as is Bath.

I am sure that you will get some feedback from other community members now they can see your listing.

@geoff.hom always has some great feedback so I will tag him here.

Poppy laying on her back is simply adorable :dog: :smiling_face:


Hey Carla, yes the Allington Farm shop is a bit special. I can recommend the balsamic pickled onions !:rofl:

Yes Poppy is super cute,a bit of a charmer. She has me under her paw !


Hi @rdeh71 , Welcome to THS. I think you are lucky in that you are in a nice area with a lovely dog that sounds like she will be great company so, to be honest, I will eat my hat if you don’t get some applications with your listing just as it is.

However, if you want to make some improvements - I hope you don’t mind me saying but your photos are letting your listing down.

Photo 1 - The main photo of your living room needs slight tidying and then being taken again. Then keeping, but not as your main photo. Straighten out the sofa, remove the stool, straighten the curtains remove the car that is blocking the view and, ideally get Poppy in the foreground or out of the photo completely
Photo 2 - Looks fine :white_check_mark:
Photo 3 - Straighten the bedroom curtains and remove the black mark on the pillow ( is that Poppy in bed?)
Photo 4 -Replace the photo of the Tv with 4 controls with the same photo but without all those controls!
Photo 5 - The bathroom photo needs to be taken again, but first take everything off the window sill and shelf - and remove all the cleaning products from between the toilet and sink
Photo 6 - :white_check_mark: - Make this your main photo
Photos 7 & 8 - look great! :white_check_mark:
Photo 9 - Delete this one (Poppy with something yellow on her face and your foot!)

Good Luck - As I said before, I have no doubt that you will find a great sitter, we sat in Chippenham for five weeks in 2021 and loved it there!


On the button. That hat isn’t going to get eaten!

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As a full time sitter, I found your post to look very good. As Colin pointed out, a few pictures could use a couple minutes of “straightening up” and I think putting picture #6 first is a great idea. Make us sitters fall in love with your Poppy!
You seem to have covered the bases that I like to see in a post. Since we travel without a car, your discussion of the public transportation, stores and restaurants is great! You also covered the responsibilities to take care of Poppy including the walks and how long they should be. Showing the accommodations for the sitter and talking about things to do in your area.
If we weren’t already booked, we would apply for your sit! Maybe another time.


Hey Colin, thank you so much taking the trouble to go through the advert… Lots of sensible suggestions to work on…


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Dan, thanks for your message , yes good points. I’ll let you know when I am next away !


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Do you know how to make a pet photo the main one ? I cant see a way of doing it …

Many thanks

On the website, go to edit your listing and choose Your Home.

Each photo should have a button marked Cover Photo - click that. (And you can use the Up/Down arrow buttons to change the order of the photos.)

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I think you have to delete and reload all the photos in the new order that you want in order to do it… :+1:

Hi @rdeh71 - sorry, as a sitter I do not see the same as you so I am not sure of the answer to that.

I see @Ketch and @Cuttlefish have given you good advice, if you still cannot get it to work after following their institutions I am sure @Angela_L will help you out.

All the best, Colin


Unfortunately the pet set dont seem to have that on my advert…


Hi @rdeh71
I am so sorry you are having problems.
As @Ketch mentions, on the website, if you go to the drop down menu … My listing … Your Home, and scroll down to the photos. on the right hand side, next to each photo, there are little up and down arrows, which will help you rearrange the photos.
You can also use the Cover photo button to change any photo to the cover one.
I hope this helps.


I added Poppy to the home photo section, so could select her as cover ! Seemed to work :slight_smile:


@rdeh71 Wonderful.
I understand the problem now, as unless your doggie/cat photos are included in Your Home section, you will be unable to do this.

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Hi @rdeh71/Richard! Yes, that’s the hack that PPs use to put pet photos first. Sometimes we have to think outside the (photo) box.

As @Carla tagged me, I’m just checking in. I see you’ve gotten great advice from other members, and you have 1 applicant.

And, yes, that first photo of Poppy is an eye-catcher! Great! The last photo seems weird, though; is that a leaf? I’d just delete it.

What are your current questions? How are you feeling about TH so far?

Hi Geoff, Thanks very much for the message. Yes its all going well, I have accepted the sitter, so its all gone very well. I will remove the last photo. Its just a flower petal, Poppy was going through her hippy phase :rofl:

TH seems great, thanks for asking…