New Map View not very good

Website changed the Map View last year. Now it shows up on top instead of on the side panel of a screen. There is no zoom in or out (+ or -) key visible. Is this a layout problem on my end?

Also, map searching is very unresponsive compared to earlier layout. Any ideas?

Widen your browser window, and it should show up.

This is my view.

This is mine (Chrome in OS X):

I used to have that view. Somehow my map got moved to the top bar. I contacted tech support and never heard back.

Are you aware of a way to move map to side bar/window? I can’t seem to find one. The side view works perfectly.


I just logged in and now map is on the side!!! Who knows?

Anyway - works fine now.

Thank you

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How do you find the map view please?

Type a destination in the search field and “map view” button will appear

Or just click on the map view button at bottom of screen


Sometimes I get the horizontal map view across the top half of the window and I find that not very useful in searches. Other times I get the vertical map on the right side of the screen which is useful in searches. Can’t quite figure out what makes it different.

I had the horizontal map for months. Just used the mobile app and it displayed the vertical map on the side. Then pc website also showed vertical map.