New Search Map Size

There appears to be a new larger map size when doing searches.

It’s too tall.

I’m searching Northern England and getting results for France.


You can reduce and enlarge the map size on the website using the +/- buttons in the upper left corner. You can move the view by dragging the map with your mouse, and you can narrow down the area with the mouse scroll button.

That is not what John is talking about.
I noticed this too, over the past few days.
Strange map behavior.
Just checked it now. Same thing.
Upon opening the Search, the map area is what has been typical, about 5" x 5".
After zooming in, or searching, the map becomes as long as the entire sit listing window, but still 5" wide. So when looking at England, well down beyond the bottom of the screen is a section of France.
I did a screen capture video, but the pic attachment will not allow me to attach it.
Send me a direct email and I will reply with the video.


Hi @Terry and @John83 - I seem to be getting a similar result but have a very slow internet connection at moment so can’t trust it not to be a slow upload glitch. I have put a query into membership services to see if any known issues, and will update when I hear back. I’m not working tomorrow, so will tag @Therese-MembershipService who will pick this up in the morning when she’s back online if we haven’t heard anything before.

One quick question… is this on the desktop version or the app, or both? All the best, Vanessa

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I have never seen a map on the app. Is there one and if so, how do I see it?

I had the same issue searching on the website last night. I often like to do a search taking in sits up to around an hour from home, using the map. As the map is now quite narrow from left to right, but very long from top to bottom, I can no longer do this. If I zoom the map to the correct width 1 hour east or west of home, I get sits in Northern Scotland, France and Spain. If I try to zoom in to only include the UK from North to south, I have a width from east to west of about 3 miles!

desktop version.
My Chrome is updated so that isn’t it.
When I first noticed it, we were at a sit in Austin, TX with Google Fiber, 150 Mbts up and down.
Now back home in travel trailer in south Texas, with crappy wifi, 2.5 Mbts. same thing here.


@mars I just did a search for ‘England’ on my iPhone. See the attached photo, where you’ll see the option of ‘Map’ at the bottom. When I clicked on that, what I saw is in my second photo. I’m guessing that, in this case, phone screen size might dictate how much the map covers (rather than just what I’d searched).

Same as @Terry

From my computer (:green_apple:+Safari Browser) = the map is “moving” when I select a zone or when I click to select a sit. For example : I click to a sit in Normandy and it shows me sits in Pyrenees !
I hope I’m clear ? :face_with_monocle:

It has been doing that for few weeks already.

@John83 and Good Morning All. I will need to check with the tech team as to what the problem could be. I’ll give them all the info you provided and @Terry - I have sent you an email from membership services so you can attach your video for us to view. Thank you so much. Kind regards Therese

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I did a search today. The map size on PC seems to be back to it’s normal rectangle size.


@John83 @Terry and thank you @Therese-MembershipService

Message from the tech team there is a bug with the map and they are working on it. Thank you for flagging and for your patience while it gets fixed.

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