Thoughts on the map function for sit searches

Looking at the map option for “find a housesit”…
On Firefox the map is barely 1/3 of the screen area with no way to enlarge it, although you do see titles on the sit thumbnails with dates and locations, and you can zoom in and out.
On Edge you get a bigger map, but the only way to zoom in is to double-click somewhere, and then there’s no way to zoom back out again. (??) There are thumbnails with dates but not the location, so you can’t tell which of the sits correspond to the numbers in the little green bubbles. The only way to get rid of the map is to “x” it out, and then you just see the sits for the area you had. To get a larger area I guess you have to start all over with a new search?
Both are very slow to load.
Both these browsers are supposedly the latest updates… is it my browser or is the map search really that dysfunctional, and could THS improve it somehow?

So that is on Windows. Just now, I only have a Mac here - I have never seen any titles or thumbnails on mouseover in the map (Chrome, Safari).

There should be a “+/-” button in the map, but that disappears when the browser window is a bit too narrow. I can also zoom by finger movements on the track pad but the button gives more control.

I like it that the map zooms automatically to the region where there are open sits when one types for example “Sweden” in the search window.

I don’t either. The thumbnails are beside or below the map.

But those thumbnails have place names (in Chrome or Safari on OS X).

You wrote “correspond to the numbers in the green bubbles” but that number shows how many sits there are in that location. (HOs do not set the pins themselves, it is just 123 or so for the City of London for example, that little square mile where there are more billions than pets.)

I have also noticed a change on maps. The map screen is much larger (Windows with Chrome) and it is hard to change the focus to Europe including Australia without including the rest of the world. The search function would work much better if I could put multiple countries in my search criteria. When I enter Europe the system defaults to everywhere.