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Hi my name is Michelle from New invention West Midlands I am a dog owner not sitter I have joined trusted house sitters so I can find a lovely kind caring person(s) to look after My two tiny dogs Ellie and Bailey.
My husband (Carl) and I have never left our dogs before but after reading lots of lovely comments on here I’m sure we will feel happy to leave them for a week knowing they will be happy and well cared for


Hello @Michellekay and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the Community Forum. :slightly_smiling_face:
Ellie and Bailey both look absolutely adorable and I am sure you will have no trouble in finding suitable sitters to care for them whilst you are away. :dog::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
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Hi @Michellekay,

Welcome! and your Ellie and Bailey look so precious! How old are they?


Your dogs are precious, any sitter would be lucky to sit for them. Best of luck to you!

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Thank you x

They are both 6 and half years old they are half brother and sister both have same dad


That wonderful! We have the option to get another puppy with the same father as our current boy Zorro. How do they get along? Ours would be four years apart.

Get on really well but there is only 3 months between them