New member with a gorgeous Cali home we call Solace!

Hello @lumajen and welcome! You already know through your brother about this marvelous community and now you’re on your way to the vast landscape of travel with (or without) pets.

As you’ll see from a variety of topics here, we have many resources to enhance your experiences. People are most drawn to images, so I might suggest sharing some of your favorites here once you get going. I also encourage you to put the link in your Forum profile so potential sitters will be enticed to apply: How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile
I’m certainly curious! I did a sit once on a farm in France with a variety of animals, including two pot-bellied pigs. They were so cute (!) even when they knocked me over in the sludge to access dinner :rofl:

Don’t hesitate to reach out again, and know you are supported.
Happy trails and tails,
The Forum Team

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