New nomadic sitters

Hello, we’re new to Trusted Housesitters and the forum and want to say hello.

We’re also new nomads. Last month we sold our house and put almost everything in a storage unit. We have two suitcases and a backpack each in the car, plus a few boxes that we’ll work through over the next few months. We’re also prepared to go lighter and cross the pond (either pond). As we don’t plan to visit our storage unit again until we want to move all our stuff, we’re packed for all seasons. Yes, we have a very small wardrobe!

We’re currently on Day 1 of Sit 1 through Trusted Housesitters, with a sweet cat named Abby. After this we have a couple of weeks on our own, then two more sits that take us into January, then no plans! Lots more sits hopefully to come!

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@Michael1 welcome to the forum and congratulations on getting that first sit…and the two more you have lined up. And can I say I absolutely love this pic. It is cute as can be!

You are going to find so much great help and friendly people here who are more than willing to help you with any questions or concerns you may have while traveling around the globe!

I would suggest you add your member profile to your forum profile so other members can easily connect with you. To do so just go to How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile - Owner & Sitter Exchange - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum and follow the easy instructions and you will be all set.

Good luck, and make sure you post lots of great pics of your adventures!


A most heartfelt welcome @Michael1
You are truly embarking on what could be a most extraordinary life!
Much of what you shared brought rapid fire flashbacks of my start. Just roll with it. Enjoy to the fullest and not knowing everything will bring the greatest excitement and stories worth sharing. One of mine was a discovery I made going through a box I threw in my truck!

All the very best and if you’re up for it do share here.


Hi @Michael1 - welcome to trusted housesitters and nomadic living. We did the same as you in September 2020 when we gave up our permanent address and have been on the move ever since. It is a great lifestyle that has its challenges but we have found far more pros than cons!
We are UK based and initially sat all around the UK, we did a month in Spain last Christmas and currently are in New Zealand doing our 31st sit !
My tips would be that overlapping dates on your sits and splitting up for a day or two will save you a fortune on accommodation costs if you have gaps between sits and think about constantly changing your profile location to the area where you want to be not where you are as private invites tend to come from home hosts looking for sitters that will be in their area
Its also a good idea to start a blog so that family and friends can keep up with where you are and what you are up to - this is ours,
Good Luck!
Colin & Karyo


Thanks for the welcome and the tips! We’d have to think about the dividing and conquering one. We know intuitively we should have a blog or something but so far it’s like the other things we know we should do :wink:

Thanks Amparo. :slight_smile:


Thanks Debbie! We’ll do this when next in a computer. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Michael1 as you’ve already had an amazingly warm welcome I’ll not repeat the words, actually yes I will … WELCOME to our community forum and TrustedHousesitters. Love the picture … congratulations on your sit and we’d love to hear more … where are you?

We did exactly what you have done 10 years or so ago. Sold our home in BC, Canada, put everything into storage in Vancouver, everything including paper products, herbs and spices … don’t ask:)) The plan was to travel for a couple of years and return to BC … Six years later, we were having the best THS adventure and journey when something called a pandemic hit the planet and we were “stranded” in WA State with no home …

But all’s well that ends well. We decamped into an Airbnb cottage in Scotland owned by our daughter where we stayed and while there stumbled across the home we now have … our worldly goods, including the paper products, herbs and spices, somewhat out of date :wink: found their way from Vancouver BC to Cove Scotland.

I believe everything happens for a reason, we have a base once again but our pet and house sitting travels will continue because it’s all about the pets, the people and the places and a lifestyle full of purpose, new experiences and adventures … we cannot wait to share in yours.

Welcome again!!


Thanks Angela. That’s quite a story! We hope we’ll also stumble on a place where we’d like to call home (base) for a long time.

Scotland is on our short list of places to try to get to soon as Jeanne has older relatives in Edinburgh.


Sounds very exciting! We have had a couple of nomadic sitters stay with our cat and we think they make the best sitters! Best of luck to you!!


Thanks Peg :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to Trusted House Sitters! We did something very similar to you almost 3 years ago. We’ve been so many wonderful places with THS.


Sorry, I forgot to answer your question. We’re in Asheville NC, sitting for this sweet cat named Abby. So far she’s the best thing about Asheville! She also lives in a very nice little house and a welcoming and communicative pet parent. So we’re thankful our first TH experience is this one :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving … Please give Abby an extra little cuddle or something even more feline appropriate from the team :heart_eyes_cat:


Welcome @Michael1. As a relatively new sitter myself (joined mid May) this lifestyle is addictive getting to meet new amazing animals, see new places and meet like minded pet owners.
Good luck with your travels.


Welcome! Me and my partner are house and pet sitting as well as nomads in the country we live in. Light/moderate luggage for all seasons and small boxes are with us and hopefully we find lots of pet sittings on our way. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you. At least folks will probably be like minded about animals if nothing else :wink:

Thanks Colo. the “light luggage” factor will definitely come even more into play if we decide to sell the car!

That’s great. Thanks!


Good morning Colin and Karyo,

We are a few months away to becoming full time nomads. Your posts in particular have been a great source of information. Thank you!