New Owner here, Upstate NY

Hi all! We are excited to have found this site. We have allready had 2 happy and successful sits so not exactly new.

We are a retired couple that love to travel. We divide our time between our home in Saratoga county and our winter home in South Texas. We love RVing, attending concerts and Music Festivals, and Cruising.

Our Fur-family consists of 2 Maine Coons and 2 Havanese. Looking forward to getting to know everyone!


Hi @BarbnGlenn and welcome to the forum! You are going to find so many great resources here from both members and TrustedHousesitters team members. I took a peak at your profile and absolutely love your babies. They are adorable!

How is the RV’ing going? This is something my husband and I have kicked around for a while and think it is something we might want to look into…at least for a few months out of the year. Where all do you travel? We want to travel across the Western side of the US an spend as much time as possible around the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and upper California, Oregon and Washington.

Looking forward to seeing you adventures here so make sure you share.

If you have any questions, anyone here will be happy to answer to direct you in the right direction.

Thankyou for the welcome! We Use our RV to travel back and forth between our NY and Texas homes and then for quick trips in each area. Ever been to South Padre Island TX or The Thousand Islands, NY? We have and our furr-posse comes along. Here are our camping critters.


Your fur babies are absolutely adorable, my favorite breed. Just wanted to say hi :paw_prints::paw_prints:

Hi! Our pets are absolutely the easiest, low maintanence pets you will find.
Thankyou and nice to meet you!


Wow your fur babies are so precious! Thank you for sharing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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