New, considering 2023 extended sits

Hi, Cynthia and Robert here. We’re excited to join TH. We look forward to enjoying cat companions for longer stays, now that we have flexibility to travel with some WFH. Our 17-year-old torti was with us until a year ago and we miss her gentle spirit.

Through the years, we’ve called some wonderful places home: Santa Barbara, CA and Rochester, NY. Currently we live in the Lake Norman area, NC. We have close family in southeast London, Toronto, and Portland OR. We love spending time in each of these places.

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I was born in NY and did my undergraduate work at a school outside of Rochester, NY. It was at the State University of NY at Brockport (SUNY BROCKPORT). That sure is a cold part of the country. I still can’t believe how much I would walk in all that snow and wind.
We moved to CA years ago - have lived in 7 different counties in the state. Now we are a month away from moving into our new construction home in a suburb of Tampa, FL. In between we spent time in TX, NJ and CT.
Glad to hear you are a part of the THS family. We hope to spend our summers outside of FL, so we are open to doing long term sits both nationally and internationally.
Have a great evening, Cyn

Hi, Cyn, Cool to hear about your history at SUNY Brockport, and yes, it can be so cold there, and about the many places you’ve lived. Good luck with your new home and future long term sits.


Welcome to the wonderful world of housesitting with cats or dogs, alpacas, chickens, horses…the list is endless! I’m trying to work out what WFH stands for in your post. Can you advise please?

Welcome!!! Hope it all goes well for you both :grinning:

I think it may be “Working from home” @Smiley

Hi @IndigoSkye and welcome to our Community Forum. I see you have already linked your membership profile to your forum profile, so you are ahead of the game! I read you currently live in the Lake Norman area of NC. Are you in Moorseville, Denver, Cornelius area? We live in the Mountain Island area but are currently up in Mooresville sitting with our granddogs while our kid are on a cruise.

Thanks for coming in and introducing yourselves. I am sure you are going to find many opportunities for those extended sits as we see everything getting a little closer to some travel normalcy now.

Always know you can come into the forum to find answers to most any questions you might have and also gain some great insights into what’s happening in the sitting world.

Have a great day!

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Thanks, Debbie. We live in Huntersville and were just this morning kayaking on Mountain Island Lake via Latta Nature Preserve. We have good friends in Mooresville and Cornelius. Beautiful area.


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Yes! WFH is indeed Work From Home.

Love Mountain Island…Welcome!

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