New Owner how do I know if sitters have applied?

Hello @sitstay and welcome to the forum, and to TrustedHouseSitters. Forum members are happy to help and give suggestions, but we will need more information. Keeping in mind that THS is worldwide, as are the forum visitors, your mention of living in “NH” could mean many places, and in many countries. Please be more specific.

You may want to add a link to your listing, so that forum members can view it. Sitters can often give suggestions about your photos and description that can be really useful. I’ll add a link below to explain how to do that:

How to embed your listing into your forum username/profile

If for some reason you’d rather not do that, you can instead share your location (city/country) and range of dates for the sit. This will help forum members find you.

You do have the option of searching for sitters and inviting them directly. In that case you can often be successful with those who live close to you, especially if they are new to THS and eager to get their first review. Keep in mind that many people new to THS come with lots of relevant experience. I would suggest you not concern yourself with their calendars as oftentimes sitters choose not to use that feature. The only exception is if they show a black line across white on dates, as those are days they have confirmed THS sits.

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