New Owner how do I know if sitters have applied?

I posted all the site asked for as an “owner” and then I made it go live and put in dates I was seeking sitters. How do I even know if someone responded? And if NO ONE is responding, why might that be? Is my listing at the bottom of a pile ? So far I have had zero use for my membership fee :-(. The forum isn’t relevant, at least not yet, because I have had zero interaction with ANYBODY.

SO here’s the thing: I live in a beautiful rural setting (in NH) nonetheless very close to all amenities, wonderful restaurants, tourist interests, sea, mountains, lakes, hikes. My pup is the world’s friendliest and obliging (flat-coated retriever) and I go away or would like to go away often (though so far not for more than several weeks at a time). My home is clean, bright, spacious, fully equipped. I even can offer private access to a lake for delicious swimming and easy boating. What’s wrong with this picture?


Hi sitstay: You will receive a message to your personal email account from Trusted Housesitters indicating you have a message and that message will appear in your inbox of your account on the THS site. How long ago did your listing go “live”? Depending on where your sit is, it may receive a lot of applicants immediately or it may take a week for sitters to apply so don’t despair!

Hello @sitstay and welcome to the forum, and to TrustedHouseSitters. Forum members are happy to help and give suggestions, but we will need more information. Keeping in mind that THS is worldwide, as are the forum visitors, your mention of living in “NH” could mean many places, and in many countries. Please be more specific.

You may want to add a link to your listing, so that forum members can view it. Sitters can often give suggestions about your photos and description that can be really useful. I’ll add a link below to explain how to do that:

How to embed your listing into your forum username/profile

If for some reason you’d rather not do that, you can instead share your location (city/country) and range of dates for the sit. This will help forum members find you.

You do have the option of searching for sitters and inviting them directly. In that case you can often be successful with those who live close to you, especially if they are new to THS and eager to get their first review. Keep in mind that many people new to THS come with lots of relevant experience. I would suggest you not concern yourself with their calendars as oftentimes sitters choose not to use that feature. The only exception is if they show a black line across white on dates, as those are days they have confirmed THS sits.

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Wish I could do it for you!! It sounds wonderful actually! :laughing: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:
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ops. I’m new with the emojis!

I tried searching for New Hampshire (NH), but there’s no listing with a flat coated retriever, so either NH is a different place, or your listing isn’t actually live yet?

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I too checked TH for New Hampshire sits with a flat coated retriever but no new or older listing. So, if you’re wondering why noone’s applied, it may not be live yet.

Hi @sitstay I have had a look, and you just needed to publish your listing so it could go through to our approvals. (this only is done the first time you publish). I have done this for you.
You have a really lovely informative listing, which I have now approved so it is now live … there is a New button on it. You should start to receive applications very soon.
Let me know if you need any further help.
Kind regards


Hi @sitstay I see that @Therese-Moderator has tweaked your listing so that it is now live. That’s good to see. That would explain why you didn’t have any responses.

I’ve read your listing and would suggest that you remove the mention of sitter needing a car. You’ve done a lovely explanation as to why a car is preferable, but not essential. Some sitters who do not have vehicles will pass by any listings that are listed as needing a vehicle. However, they may be a perfect fit for your needs, so you don’t want that to happen.