New review system - Mega thread

I’m referring to “old” sits.

I was expecting the same when I finished a sit a week ago. I was even wondering if I was missing something as I kept looking where to rate the various categories. Thankfully it was a 5* sit all around, but I was excited of checking the new system out.

This! I haven’t seen the new review system yet, but I’ve been asking for this for over a year- we should get to rate homeowners on categories the same way they get to rate sitters.

Hello @Katie if the sit was before the new review system the FAQ’S say this:

If one member has already left a review via the old system, how will this work?

For any reviews where neither side has left a review, this will switch to the new system. For sits where one side has already left a review but the other has not, this will follow the old review system (i.e. reviews will not be hidden). This should only affect a small number of sits during the changeover, and eventually, the new review system will apply to all sits.

If the review switches to the new review system it will be added to the 14 days email flow as it will have 14 days from the launch date to leave a review. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hello @MissChef and @PetSitterBug Thank you for your patience while I got an update from the team regarding your question on timezones.
The review window will start (after the sit has finished) and close at midnight UTC, which may not align with the user’s time zone. This is something the team are looking into and we will let you know if there are updates about this in the future. Thank you for your feedback about this :slight_smile:

@Carla_C what is UTC ?

@Silversitters UTC is Coordinated Universal Time. There are a few good Google searches which give it more context and help you work it out in relation to your timezone. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

@Silversitters Used to be called Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) but is now referred to as Coordinated Universal Time or Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).

So your time, wherever you are, as it relates to London, UK.

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Hi Carla,

My review (I was the sitter) from the homeowner 1 week ago is still not showing. She provided a review last Friday, same as me. I really haven’t rec’d direction as to what happened our how I can get my review to show. Can you help? Thanks! Bob

Hello @bobdeangelis13 I’m sorry that your review is still not showing, as you mentioned previously there seems to have been a glitch with the review being published, however, they should both be published after the 14-day period ends, but also follow up with the membership services team as well as they can look into your individual case :slight_smile:

What time on 28 November is our deadline for posting reviews for previous sits? Which time zone?

Under the new review system we were told the deadline is Nov 28th to complete any reviews of past sits. I need to find out what TIME on the 28th (and what time zone) is this deadline. I’m in the US. Thanks!

I would conclude 23:59 UTC

Why don´t you write them today and in that way it´s done?

What is UTC?

@BackpackHousesitter & @Traveler99 Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Traveler99
It has just been confirmed to me that the review window will close for everyone at 28/11 00:00 (midnight) UTC

So, for those of us in the US the deadline is in the afternoon. The email I received just says the 28th. Most would assume they have all day on the 28th, not just until 3:59pm. The time zone for the deadline should have been clearly stated in the email.

Is the new review system live? I just had a sit end and I gave a review to our sitter and within 24 hours she responded back thanking me for the review and saying she would then post my review. It is my understanding that she shouldn’t have seen my review until she left mine, is that accurate?

Good morning @Jenny_V @Therese
I have just left my review for the house sit I completed yesterday using the new review system and would like to give you some feedback.

When writing it on my phone, the ‘submit review’ button is in the middle of the screen where I’m trying to type. Can I suggest this is moved lower down or smaller? (screenshot attached)
I finished my review, scrolled up to check it was ok to submit, which is a pain with the submit review banner blocking my view. It’s nice to see it in its entirety.

Lastly, when I clicked submit, I was surprised to see that there is no longer a final review/opportunity to edit it one final time before it’s submitted option. I do think that this should be reinstated.

Thank you.