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Admittedly, it is easier to think of hospitality as an in-person quality only. However, Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines hospitality as, “generous and friendly treatment of visitors and guests"
So some examples of hospitality from HOs that I didn’t meet in person: gift cards, gift baskets with snacks and specialty coffees, maps and information about things to do in the area.
What would be inhospitable? Some examples that I’ve read on the forum: HOs putting ‘do not use’ label on the salt and paper, HOs not supplying paper towels and telling the sitter to get their own.

The winners on hospitality for me were petparents I didn’t even meet in person. They really thought of everything – drawer and closet space, toiletry basket, gift basket filled with regional foods in the kitchen, other foods left for us, breakfast muffins! I’d give them a 10. Since ten isn’t a possiblity, I would use 5 as a base line for anyone who treats us well. Gifts are nice, but I wouldn’t deduct for no gifts, no restaurant dinner, no pickups at airport, etc.

No one is going to take a sit because the petparents baked a sitter a cake. However, if it’s in the negative column – which hasn’t happened to me – and I felt some hostility, or disdain, a lack of graciousness and mutual gratitude, then I’d think about taking off a star.


Indeed. It riled me when I had been asked to arrive a bit before noon and when I was not offered anything to eat. I am not expecting an elaborate lunch, soup from a can or sandwiches would have been fine.

The HO were cordial and gracious in later communication, so I blamed their lack of hospitality on the stress of departure and I did not even hint at it in my review. But if it is in the list like that, I would feel untruthful giving five stars for hospitality.

Arguably hospitality and cleanliness also go hand in hand ie the toilet not being clean is a cleanliness issue but it’s also bound to make someone not feel welcome because the HO didn’t bother to clean the toilet ahead of their arrival.


I’m quite happy with the blind reviews, although I’ve noticed sitters seem to write much less now. I’m not happy with the hospitality category. It’s too subjective plus how do you rate the ones you never meet? I think ‘home and local area’ would be a better category (if you must have categories). I can see the category system falling into the same as the preblind system though because who is not going to give 5 stars. We know that HOs read sitters reviews and if a sitter gives 3 stars for house cleanliness or hospitality or whatever then they may not get chosen for future sits by others who fear they may be marked down. It’s tricky. I’ve learnt to read between the lines of previous reviews.rather than on what is directly said.

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This post nails it. Thank you @HelloOutThere

@Reliablesitter I know hospitality may seem a little vague, but I think it’s appropriate. Hospitality is about welcoming people into your home. I think of hospitality in terms of whether I feel welcome. Have they given any thought to the fact that someone will be staying in their home? Have they made space for me to unpack or am I expected to live out of my suitcase? Is there space in the fridge/freezer/cabinet for me to put my food or am I not expected to eat there? Most of the HOs that I haven’t met have left a card welcoming me (and maybe some treats or wine - not necessary, but appreciated). I’ve done sits where I feel extremely welcome and appreciated and a few where I felt like an inconvenience - clearly not wanted there, but necessary to take care of the pets. A little hospitality can make a big difference in a sit.


We get a much smaller text box to write reviews in since the change and it’s not possible to scroll back to see what you’ve written . So sitters are restricted in what they can write now .

Is this restriction new? For our first Review with the new policy, I wrote a tome. There didn’t seem to be any restriction. Our second sit was a repeat, so words were less, but again, didn’t notice a restriction of words.

I know Airbnb restricts the length of reviews.

I was using a phone so maybe it’s different on a different device ? I could only see a small box and there was no way to scroll up or down to see any more , another poster also commented on it at the time . I was writing a review during the first week after the change I think - so maybe it has been improved now ?

@Silversitters if it helps…I use “notes” or something else like my gmail on my phone to draft the text.

In this draft process, I can be interupted…“walk away” and be sure of no inadvertent drafts being posted…

Then I copy and paste after I have proof read and know its ready to go. All text fit in for my last 2 reviews when I pasted.


@HelloOutThere could you read all of your review after you had pasted it in ?

Yes, I agree. Likewise I’ve had some people that have been much more considerate and kind, than others, chocs, wine, a drawer, milk and bread etc… I’m just not sure I feel comfortable rating people like this because in effect ‘hospitality’ comes quite close to people’s personalities. Will we as sitters then get rated on our likeability?

I don’t think rating petparents you’ve never met non-remotely is difficult. By far the most hospitable petparents we sat for we never met in person. We arrived at night to find fresh muffins waiting for us in the morning. Plenty of coffee and my requested plant-based milk for it. There was stuff for us to drink and a basketful of local delicacies for us to try. Also in the guest bathroom a basketful of toiletries. The hosts couldn’t have been nicer.

I don’t think it has to be rated on either “gifts” or “personality” though. Start with a baseline of 5, and then deduct for people who seem to be trying to make you feel less than welcome.


And yes, i know we already get rated in reviews but I’m just not comfortable with a star system, getting into black mirror territory.

I’ve never been made to feel less than welcome. Just a few that didn’t think of things from the sitters point of view in the same way as the majority. I just wouldn’t feel comfortable taking a star for that.


Oh, I have not noticed being restricted, mine are still pretty long. I admit the tiny amount of space when doing it on a phone is a pain. The back button allows you to see it and then carry on writing.

@Silversitters I follow a similar same method as @HelloOutThere, always drafting my Review in Word and then cutting and pasting. My “tome” in its entirety was completely shown when cut and pasted.

I write my reviews elsewhere and paste into THS as well. No problem. And I wrote my longest review yet for my most recent sit. Also no problem.

@Silversitters yes…I could see all the text.