New review system - Mega thread

Will try again after my next sit .

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@Silversitters you know we like our updates!:wink:

I do apologize if I am repeating something that has already been asked (I have not read all the 350+ posts in this thread).

We are HOs and sitters. I submitted a review for a sit we completed this past Sunday. It was easy to write, but I did not see the star ratings for assessing the homeowner’s cleanliness, hospitality, etc.

Did I miss them?

No @KenandMary1998 you haven’t missed anything as they haven’t been introduced yet.

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I am curious to know how many automated emails are sent to sitters/HOs reminding them to review within the 14 day period after a sit ends. Can anyone from THS shed any light on this?

Does the “request review” button still have a place, or are people already being bombarded with reminders? :thinking:

As a sitter, I’ve received plenty of email reminders, bordering on the annoying. No need for more.

Thanks Maggie, I assumed that would be the case.
I always review really quickly, so haven’t had a slew of emails to see for myself!

It’s a hard balance to strike, because the folks who don’t need reminding will be annoyed if there are several reminders within a two-week span. And the folks who aren’t diligent about writing reviews won’t necessarily be moved by reminders. And that’s agnostic of THS.

Personally, I’ve started adding a calendar reminder for myself 13 days after the end of sits, so I’m covered. If I keep getting annoyed by email reminders from THS, I might just set an auto-routing command in my email, to send them to the trash bin without my ever seeing them.

Just done another review and had the same problem as the last two times ( since new review process was introduced) I can’t see all my text . Using the app on an iPhone .
I tried the back button as suggested by @Reliablesitter but that took me back a page and all that I had written disappeared and I had to start over .

I did use the copy and paste method as suggested by @HelloOutThere and @Maggie8K but still can only see the first part of my review not all of it before submitting. No way to scroll up or down or preview the whole of the text.

Even when copying and pasting I still would like to see the whole review and not be limited to the first few sentences . So that I can check that I have pasted all of my review correctly as intended and I’ve not accidentally missed off the last part of the review that I’ve carefully written.

For reference I am a fan of the new blind reviews overall . However writing them is now a frustrating experience (on the app on an iPhone ) . Writing reviews before this product update was more user friendly .

Maybe this needs taking up with THS @Silversitters as it’s likely to be affecting other members too who use the app on their phone rather than computer. You know the email address! :wink:


@temba you read my mind … actually drafting my e-mail to MS right now !


@Silversitters when next you have a review…are you willing to do screen shots of “fake text” so we can see your screen?

I wonder if your screen has one of these TINY little dots in the right hand corner that you press and drag down to make a bigger “box.”

Unless you get it work out with THS, happy to try and help.
Though I do have an android phone.

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@HelloOutThere thank you for the offer of help .

Yes, I will do that next time thank you … it will be a few weeks before my next THS sit ends though .

@Silversitters no problem.
Feel free to DM me a day or two before it ends, so I can be attentive to the forum/my phone.

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There seems to be no way to leave a review of a sit on my Android app. The instructions in the THS Help section don’t work (and are also confusing in requesting a sitter to look for a “Past Sitters” section). My dashboard doesn’t shiow a “Past Sitters” or “Past Sits” option though my last sit ended just 5 days ago

. I wanted to test the text problem on the app, but can’t

@Lassie are you trying to leave a review for a sit that just ended?

@Lassie I had a similar problem the first time I tried to do a review with the new system … there’s a long thread about it :roll_eyes:… but to save you the trying to reading through it all and going around in circles . This is what I eventually found out with the help of the forum.

If you are a sitter you can find past sits in the app by clicking on the suitcase icon :luggage: and swiping right to left right to the end of all your confirmed ( future ) sits . Eventually you will find your past sits hidden right at the end .

If you are a combined member you have a house icon :house: and your past sits can be found there somewhere.

I don’t know if this helps ? When it comes to writing reviews the new product update is certainly not intuitive on the app anymore .

I have a combined membership, not premium.

Here are my menu choices on an android

When I click dashboard, here is what I see

I don’t have either a suitcase or a house icon on my app, but I did find past sits by swiping left. However, there is no arrow/carat to advise that this is necessary or possible :woman_facepalming: Thanks for the help.

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I dont see the past sirs until i swipe left on the sit that is starting today. However nothing in the app display suggest that i should (or could) swipe left

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