New review system - Mega thread

Interesting, as when I click the green view past sitters…I then scroll down to see the sitters…

@Lassie the house icon is the one that says dashboard

I agree app is not intuitive and is incredibly frustrating to use for writing reviews.

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Here is your house icon

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OK, thanks.

Hello everyone, just a quick update that the owners review categories are now live!

Thank you for everyone’s feedback on these, I hope everyone finds these useful when posting their next review about their sit. :smiling_face:


Hi @Carla is this a typo?

Hi @HelloOutThere

I think it is correct in that the current process for owners is that they mark 5 categories. So the sitters are following what the owners do.

Hope that explains it.


@Itchyfeet mmmm…that takes a minute but yes…you may be correct. Tx!

I do all reviews and applications on my old android phone. I can’t see all the text but if I use the back button it allows me to see it but this didn’t work for another sitter with an iPhone. I do reviews when I receive an email from THS and then click on the link.

The current/new review process starts with a 1-star default rating. This can lead to erroneous unintentional 12-star ratings (as happend to me). The user starts the review process not aware of this default setting, gives 5-stars in all subcategories and finishes the review with a very positive text. That will result in an unintentional 1-star rating for the sitter/owner :frowning:
I would suggest to either set the default overall rating from 1 to 5 stars or to have no default rating at all, so that the user will be prompted to explicitly setting the overall rating when finishing the review process.

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@Manfred I recently received a review exactly as you describe. Overall 1 star rating, 5 stars in all categories and positive comments about an immaculate house and that the would like us to sit for them again.

The home owners were horrified when they realised, as they believed they had given a 5 star review. They contacted THS to get the review corrected, which was done quite quickly.

It shouldn’t be so easy to accidentally leave an unintentional rating like this, so the design of the review process could be improved on.


My default setting when I bring up the review page is no stars. I just went to write a review for a recent sit, and on both the app and the website, there are no stars shaded initially. Maybe they have fixed the problem that you describe.

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Used it today! :clap:

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I have seen numerous examples of this having happened @Manfred and sadly either the sitters or owners don’t realise they can have it changed by contacting THS. However they should not have to if they applied one of your suggestions.


Maybe it shows differently for an owner reviewing a sitter @Lassie as I’ve seen a number of sitters receive a 1* overall but 5* in all categories with glowing words written?

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@Debbie I got help through membershipservice. After home/pet owner confirmed that the low rating was erroneous, I got full marks :grinning:. I also filed a change request for the user-interface to ask for explicit overall rating from reviewer.


@Lessie Strange. We had our sit from Feb, 16th through Feb, 24th. For our owner review, we definitly were prompted with a 1-star default, which we of course changed. And the sitter-review of our owners had also a 1-star default. So, looks like the actual software is back to 1-star default. I was using the PC, not the mobile app.

Maybe. That would be awful and a really stupid design decision :frowning: Luckily, the HOs on 2 very recent sits (in the past 2 weeks) overcame this default.

Omg, this is worrying!! Surely this is a major issue that needs fixing immediately by THS.

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I’ll tag @Therese to see if she is able to give us insight into this issue @Reliablesitter and @Lassie.