"New sit" notifications

Hello. We are relatively new to the site and have had 1 great sit so far. I keep getting notifications about potential sits for us only to find there aren’t any when I click on the links. Anyone else have this experience?
Steve and Madge



When you say that once you click there aren’t any, do you mean that there are already in the “reviewing applications” mode or that actually nothing that resembles your criteria pops up?

There are no sits available.

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We get that sometimes. An anomaly that when you click on the sit alert it says “no sitter currently needed”. #noideawhy

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Same here.

Receive a notification, immediately click on it, ‘currently not in need of a sitter’. :disappointed:

Yes, regularly and usually the same HO.
Obviously, a sit has been pre-arranged with a regular sitter so gets listed and taken within seconds.
I have unfavourited a few now as i have obviously no chance

Many HOs do not know that there is a way to invite privately, without triggering loads of push notifications.

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