New sitter from Virginia, USA

Dec. ‘22–new sitter here and excited to begin. Have first sit set up in January. Would LOVE to sit in the Gers region of southwest France Currently have a fabulous GSD but hubby will stay with him.

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Where is VA? What does it stand for?
Please don’t assume we’re all from the US. THS began life in the UK

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Hi @Uleedog. Welcome to our community of pet and travel lovers. Thanks for introducing yourself – it’s always great to meet our new members.

Congrats on getting your first sit! Where is it?

VA is the state of Virginia in the US. Welcome - what part of VA are you in? I am in chesterfield.

My apologies for thinking it would be understood. Virginia. I am in Winchester. My first sit will be in Pennsylvania.

@Uleedog I love Pennsylvania. It’s such a beautiful state. Will you be in one of the cities or out in the countryside?

Outside a city, Pittsburgh

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