New sitter living in Greece

Hi there, I am Karina - a new pet sitter and have done two pet sits so far, both in the UK.
I am Australian, but live in Greece on my boat most of the year. When the weather is cold and it’s too stormy on the water, it is nice to get on land and enjoy a bit more space in a home environment.
There are costs of doing each pet sit, the airfares and car rentals, but we are staying in really nice places that we can relax in, so we think it’s worth the cost.
It’s great to spend time with animals too, there’s something so comforting when they come to you to be petted or look at you lovingly when you scratch them in just the right place.


Sounds fab living on your Boat in Greece, House sitting is great, a win for both Sitter and HO.
Happy travels and sitting.