New to needing a dog sitter

How difficult and expensive is it to get a dog sitter in Central Arkansas?

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Joining TrustedHousesitters is the first step to finding your pet’s sitter , the only cost is the annual membership fee to join our community, once you have joined you create a listing which is published on the site and is then sent to our sitter members, you can also contact sitters directly by doing a sitter search.

If you need help in completing your registration we can help and I will tag @Therese-Moderator to connect with you.

Angela and the Team

Yes, it is free of charge! You only pay your annual membership fee, but you don’t pay anything for or to the sitter.
How “difficult” it is will depend on your exact location. If it is easy to reach by public transport it will be easier, and if you live in a big city with an airport it will be very easy.
Also the quality of your home makes a difference: A nice big home with a garden, a separate guest room and some comfort (which can reach from high-speed Internet to a swimming pool etc.) will get more applications than a 1-bed condo or a log hut in the woods.

Hi @GinnyLee sitters are as different as the sits they choose and the reason they choose them.

Some sitters feel far more comfortable in a small, cozy space that a large house built for a family (there’s far more space to keep clean too:)) The main thing we look for is clean, tidy, comfortable and a host who has takes the time to consider our personal comforts, like having space to unpack, we may arrive with a suitcase but don’t necessarily want to live out of one. A clean refrigerator where there is space for food … all of the things you would want to find in a space that you would be calling home for even a short time.

Our focus are the pets, that’s why we do what we do the rest is icing on a very tasty cake.

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Central Arkansas seems interesting to me, but I’d definitely want to know more about the area, the house, and the dog. And, for me, having use of a car would be a big plus as I generally don’t want to drive more than 6 hours to a sit.

I live in a house in a subdivision in Benton, AR. I have 2 labs and 2 ankle biters. I need a sitter to stay let them out through the day and feed them twice a day. How do I find a sitter and
how much is the membership?

Hi @GinnyLee - did you ever get an answer to this? If not here is a link with all the info you need