New (to the forum) THS Family Sitters

Hello THS Forum users! My name is Victoria - my family and I are avid THS sitters.

We are a remote working/learning family who spent much of 2020 and 2021 traveling full-time, both through Trusted House Sitters and Airbnb.

Over the last two years, we visited much of the US, as well as spent 5 months soaking in the sun and practicing our Spanish in beautiful Puerto Rico.

We are currently located in rural Indiana, close to family, and are gearing up to start traveling again.

Meet our family:
Chris and Victoria - early 30’s, married for 10 years, loving the freedom of online work (both in sales & marketing)
Serenity - 6 years old, homeschooled, loves meeting new friends (of the human & animal kind)
Savannah - 17 years old, Victoria’s sister, finished high school and getting ready to start college online to pursue criminal justice

We look forward to contributing to the forum & learning more about the homeowners & sitters here.

Picture of my family just for fun:


Welcome @thejohnsfam, what a lovely picture introduction, thank you for sharing. We look forward to being part of your new 2022 pet and house sitting adventure.

Angela and the Team

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Thank you, @Angela-CommunityManager

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Love your new age family. The flexibility of living online. I cant even imagine this scenario happening and as a 60yo I am grasping to keep up.

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Thank you! It’s definitely a new idea, but there are many people of all ages who live this lifestyle.

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