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I used to be a member but when my elderly cat died I let my membership of THS laps. I don’t think a house is a real home without a cat and I now have another fluff generator in residence, He’s youngish probably about three but being a rescue cat it is impossible to be sure. I’ve been staff to a resident cat for most of my life but this one is a bit unusual. Judging by his overall size, the size of his paws and a few other features he is almost certainly part Maine C**n and lovely with it.

I’ve been reading a number of posts on the forum and it is good to see that I’m generally doing things right. In the past I’ve had sitters come who I have been very pleased to meet, from a first time sitting young couple who left the house pristine, probably cleaner than I left it. The only problem was they washed my frying pan, It was recoverable but something I will tell future sitters not to do. I had a lovely couple come and care for Gipsy and I’m pretty sure that Gipsy missed them when they had gone. Only one sitter was probably less than perfect that one, according to a neighbour, spent just about the whole time out of the house, ok providing food for the cat but very little company. I’m sure that was the case judging by the joy with which my return was greeted. I’m not sure how most sitters feel about it but I’d expect to spend at least part of most days with the pet they are caring for. Not necessarily every day, after all the point of this exercise is to provide care and company for the pet and travel and experience opportunities for the sitter.


Hi Peter
Good to hear about house sitters from the pet owners view point.
In our initial chat with the pet owner we usually ask if the dogs travel well in the car. We do like to explore any new areas we visit but take the dogs with us. Exploring to us is usually long walks and dogs love that. Obviously cats don’t usually go on outings but I think it is essential we spend time with them. It is the only way we can win the animals trust.
Re. washing frying pans, I’m afraid I to wash frying pans but only rinse woks. I always ask what dishes and glasses can go in the dishwasher and if pots and pans are hand washed. Also I try to use only the dishes etc. that look like they are old and well used. I’d hate to break a cherished plate and not be able to replace it.
It would be good if pet owners left such instructions in their handovers.


Hello Peter and welcome to our community forum… we look forward to following your journey here with your new addition. We looked after 3 beautiful MCs in the UK (I see we have a breed with a banned name, just so others understand). They too were all rescues, and over several sits and repeats. They are such independent yet cuddly cats, but very large as you say.

All pets need company and I’m sorry you had a less than perfect experience. Pets are at the heart of what we do, and as sitters our feeling is that they come first while we are on a sit, their routines maintained with all the love and care they are used to (and probably a bit more :slight_smile: ).

For us they are part of our overall experience, whether that’s dogs out and about with us, or cat cuddles and play at home. There’s always plenty of time between for local explorations too. It’s about keeping it all in balance as you indicate.

Thankyou for sharing and have a lovely weekend, Vanessa

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Hello @Peter if that’s you, in Loughborough, how lovely to see you here.
Assuming it is, we still talk about Gypsy often and seem to have made a habit of caring for little old cats. Sorry to hear of her passing, but so glad you have new company

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Yes it’s me. I think you had the first indication of Gypsy’s trouble,Â
I think she had the first fit when you were looking after her.Â
Following that she was fine until just before Christmas then at the
beginning of December she had another and they started to become more
frequent. The poor little soul was so bewildered and frightened when
she came out of one that it was really sad to see. The final straw was
when she had three fits in the space of a couple of hours, I was in
tears just seeing how she was and I had to take her to be put to sleep,Â
it wasn’t fair keep putting her through that. The vet said it was most
unlikley that they’d be able to do anything for her so it was the only

I did have a look to see if you were still sitting and saw you were but
not available when I’m away, perhaps next time.

Lovely to hear from you, Regards Peter.

My e mail got it wrong first time and didn’t use the ‘reply to’
address. I think it’s right this time.

Google Photos
Gypsy sharing breakfast with us.
So sorry to hear, it was horrible to see her have a ‘turn’. I can truthfully say that we have never served such a varied diet to a cat though. She had a good life.
So glad you looked us up, sorry we were busy, next time?

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