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My husband and I have been on th for several months now and have yet to get a sitting. I have looked over my introduction and revamped it but I’m seeing very little action. Am I missing something? We would like to get our first sit under our belt and move on. I have read all the guidelines and done everything to set up our page that is suggested.

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Howdy and welcome.
Sounds silly but are you applying?
Do you have a targeted specific area identified? Pets clearly identified that you are interested in?
Have you listed references, experience?

Add your profile link so we can see and perhaps make suggestions.

Hi @Dcate - How many applications are you sending off? Are you looking for sits in specific areas or for specific times? - The secret to getting your first one or two ( and hence getting your first all-important reviews) is to go for those that are not so popular. very short sits not too far from where you live if possible are great.

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@Dcate Also wondered if you were able to add any references to past pet / home care experience you’ve had to your profile. We joined in May and were able to secure three references from neighbours and a family contact as we had cared for pets and homes during holiday periods just as a favour. We were very fortunate to get sits very quickly after joining THS - whether beginners luck or what I don’t know but don’t despair - I am sure you’ll get going soon. As @Amparo mentioned if you link your profile to the Forum members will be happy to make any suggestions which might enhance your profile too. Good luck!!

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Hello @Dcate . Welcome to the community forum. Many of our new members do as @Amparo suggested and include a link to their profiles on the main TrustedHousesitters website in their forum profiles. Then they post on the forum that they’re new and would appreciated any feedback from other members on things they might do to make their profiles shine even more. This, and answering the questions others have posed above, are great ways to understand how you might be improve your ability to get pet sits.

@Dcate I did look at your member profile and the only thing I see is that there is just one pic of the two of you. If you have pics where you are interacting with pets that would definitely be a plus! Otherwise, your wording sounds great.

Also, you might want to scour any last minute sits you run across, or even sits in your own town. Sometimes folks feel more comfortable with a “newby” if they know they live close by and might even want to meet you personally during the appliation process. Once you get a local or last minute sit under your belt, you will get reviews that will make each time easier than the last!

Good luck!

Hi @Dcate I’m a relatively new sitter myself after joining THS in mid May of this year.
The first sit can take a while. I applied for 23 sits to get my first one. I also looked at local sits and less popular ones to try and get a sit and hopefully get good feedback.

Thanks everyone.
I do have references from friends and have specific dates and places in mind. I’ve applied to several and been beaten to the punch. They have picked someone closer to them and/or someone who applied before us even though they really liked us. One person contacted me but we weren’t able to take the sit due to prior commitments. I will definitely consider adding more pictures of us.

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