Newbie in Kenya

Hello @Ledadane and welcome to both TrustedHousesitters and our community forum. It sounds like you are finding lots to read on the site and here in the forum to help you get started. There’s a fabulous blog too which has lots of helpful tips as well as travel and pet info to keep you informed. Any questions don’t hesitate to ask the group!

For some extra exposure, you can also add a link to your profile here in the forum so that people can see your main THS profile … here are the instructions for that.

What a place to be based! We did a house sit in Botswana that was absolutely amazing. Africa is like a whole different world for me, and I can only imagine the experiences you’ve had! We had hippos at the end of the garden, and elephants walking along the road. Over 32 years you must have some awesome stories - please do feel free to share in our travel or other categories - we’d love to hear more about your lifestyle!

In the meantime I’m sure you’ll make some great connections and new friends here in our pet loving family!

Happy weekend from Vanessa and the forum team!

p.s. What wild animal experience is top of your favourites?