Newbie owner needing help filling post

@Danandnan @Lassie The difference is you are in the USA, not the UK so the THS program works to your advantage. For some reason only known to THS the UK address don’t show our county locations. That’s the CRUCIAL part of our addresses in the UK when looking at the location. Every other website seems to display our addresses fine, don’t know why THS doesn’t. Also, both Dallas and LA have millions of residents. Frome doesn’t.

@Danandnan you are in Dallas, TX, US
@Lassie you are in Los Angeles, CA, US

Whereas, all it shows is that:-
@KoS is in Frome, United Kingdom

When what it should display is Frome, Somerset, UK. The major area is not picked up at all by the system, it never is for the UK!

I love THS, it’s brilliant, but they should have the County Names displayed for the UK, it’s totally bizarre that it doesn’t.

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I’m a Brit and used to work in Frome @HappyDeb & I’m with @Danandnan and @Lassie - Frome is not Bath, not by a long stretch. They’re worlds apart in style! Best advice is stating that Frome is 15 miles from Bath or 25 mins drive to Bath and then it’s honest and still gets Bath in the sit pull :raised_hands:t3: BTW any potential sitters for Frome. Rye Bakery, chi chi cafes, Soho House, Glastonbury down the road, Bradford on Avon, vegan heaven, Foo Fighters in the Cheese & Grain. And home of F1 Jenson Button too. Trust me, it’s all going on. Bath can wait :joy::joy:


I’m in Dallas, but from Ireland so I’m familiar with UK address conventions. I agree that UK addresses could be clearer but I still think it is misleading to say that OP lives in Bath when she doesn’t.
I don’t see the relevance of the population of Dallas (or LA) relative to the population of Frome. Unless OP is looking for local sitters only, the populations stats shouldn’t matter.


@HappyDeb you I’m not actually from LA but Montana and I’m currently in Germany. I have LA currently listed because I was looking for sits in that area in case HO are looking for sits in that area.
If I do a search for Bath, I’ll see Frome will show up on a search. In fact, when I search Bath, I get a huge radius surrounding Bath. If I’m specifically looking for a sit in Bath, I have to sort through dozens that aren’t in Bath if they all list the wrong city instead of where they are. It’s very misleading to list a different location than where you are and yes, THS should fix it but the solution isn’t to lie about the homes location.