Newbie Says Hello from London

Hi Introducing myself. Just started a return to housesitting after quite a hiatus. Based in London for the moment but will be happy to travel over the whole country and perhaps abroad once we are let out. Doing a sit right now in London which seems to be going ok ( so far) with a gorgeous black cat with a very commanding personality…

…I have some general queries which maybe more seasoned sitters might be able to help me with- I will ask them elsewhere!! Hope you are well and looking forward to more challenges this year!


Welcome to the forum, @apresmoiledeluge!
I’m curious as to what inspired your Louis XV quote username? There has to be a story there! :blush:
On the upper RIGHT of the screen you will see a spyglass icon. If you click on it and enter your search term(s), you will read related posts on the topic that we have discussed in the past. There is a wealth of information here as we are a fairly loquacious group. Nice to have you!


A very big and warm welcome @apresmoiledeluge!
We are with you as we await more expansive options.
Enjoy browsing and catching up with some of our discussions, tips and just plain fun chatter.
We look forward to hearing your insight and adventures.


@apresmoiledeluge welcome to the forum. We are all dying to know the origins of your username. Please indulge us at " fascinating usernames" and have fun on this site

Warm regards. John and Caroline

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Hi @apresmoiledeluge welcome to our community forum and TrustedHousesitters. Also welcome back to a life of pet and house sitting there are many great opportunities in London, and around the country, when you’re ready to travel further afield …

Feel free to ask your questions here, we have a very helpful and support community who will be happy to share their wisdom and experiences.

Enjoy your sit and black kitty and connecting with our members from London and around the world, we look forward to sharing in your THS journey.

Angela and the Team

Hi @apresmoiledeluge! Welcome!