Nightmare sit

Yup, better to pull out earlier if hosts show that they’re not good partners.

Even if they have totally good reasons that they can’t live up to their end of the exchange, to me, that’s not my problem to solve. It’s either a good partnership or not. And often you see sitters posting about sits gone wrong and they say, oh, but they were such nice people. To me, if you leave a sitter hanging or misled them or glossed over key things or left them significant problems, you are not a nice person, because you’re thoughtless about someone entrusted to take care of your home and pets.


You have received a lot of validation that indeed the HO’s behaviour has not been welcoming, to say the least.
One thing I’d like to comment on, though, is that in my opinion most sitters do not do repeat sits, since the majority likes to travel to and discover new places. So the lack of repeat sitters is not necessarily indication of anything specific. Their reviews, if honest and factual, are a much better indicator on how things went.


How weird that they didn’t respond. I’m probably overthinking it, but if I’d thought I had a sit lined up and the sitter cancelled two days before my trip because I’d refused to create my welcome guide, I’d think I’d say something. Whether an apology for my own bad behavior, a plea for a second chance, or a snippy cut…almost makes me wonder if they never actually fully committed in their own heads to the idea.

Re: getting a welcome guide in time - After the initial get-to-know-you chat/vibe check, I send a list of 30 questions that must be answered before I agree to a sit. If I never get a welcome guide, my list serves as one because it’s a lot of the same info - address, pet care, garbage days, is there enough room to put away my stuff, etc - everything I’ve learned to ask over years of house sitting. I am sometimes a little surprised by something on arrival but it’s usually nothing so major that I hate the sit. (Though I’ve never thought to ask if the washing machine is currently working, or the nearest toilet…this is definitely an HO that is not considerate of how another person might live in their house.)

I hope that you give housesitting another try - most folks are really great. But it helps A LOT to cover your butt in the first place. THS can’t really do that for you.


That is a great idea. It may help others if you are willing to share that list on this forum. :grinning:


@sbwade, I’d do it for the right sitter – and you certainly look like that type of sitter – but multiple of my reviews mention the completeness of my welcome guide, which I check for needed updates before every sit and share as soon as I confirm. Again, I’d do it, because for me as a sitter one of the frustrations is that I can’t see that welcome guide until I’ve both confirmed the sit and clicked to share it, so I understand. But that’s me as a sitter. Also I’m very comfortable writing. Has anyone ever balked at answering 30 questions? Or is that sort of acting as a filter for you?


Hi again, I was able to leave this sit yesterday and the home had multiple problems. I now see it is being relisted and they are reviewing applicants now. I have not yet been sent a review request to complete but I did make TH aware of the issues I was dealing with there. I just do t want somebody else to have to live through what I did. Should I do anything else at this point?


You can review as soon as 24 hours lapse after the sit. Write a factual review. Whether or not the host reviews, your review is supposed to be published after 14 days of the sit ending.

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@Lovedogscats, I’m glad you’re out of there!

When you write your review, try to be as brief as you can while still mentioning all of the issues. Try to be unemotional; you have 14 days, so you can write this review, then walk away from it for a few days and remove anything that sounds like you’re coming from a place of emotion rather than simply reporting the facts. Don’t use terms like “I didn’t feel welcome, I felt tolerated.” Just the facts. Emotion will make you look like you might be overstating the situation. It can only harm your credibility, which is why so many people bait others when they’re in a dispute: to make them get emotional, which makes them look like the crazy one.

I would definitely mention the fact they’d switched from WhatsApp to the THS messaging, as for a lot of sitters that will be a red flag, to me that would have felt like they were trying to assemble evidence. I would mention the lack of a Welcome Guide, that’s also a big red flag for other sitters. And of course the cameras.

When/if they leave a negative review for you, respond to it – again checking it over for emotion, emotion hurts your case.


@Lovedogscats there is a 13/4 day window based on time zone and as @Maggie8K says…you don’t need an invite to do the review.

If the listing was wildly inaccurate regarding the amenities or the living conditions breached any of the T&Cs ( cameras / third parties etc ) and these caused serious issues then after an investigation THS can remove the homeowner from the platform .

If you want TrustedHousesitters to investigate you will need to raise a member dispute .

If you think your situation warrants this and you choose to do this; Entitle the e-mail “MEMBER DISPUTE” and include photos / screenshots of conversations with the homeowners any evidence that the listing is inaccurate or conditions unliveable.


Thanks for your tips.
Can you please share your list of questions?

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@Lovedogscats @Grace7

I’m happy to share my list in a private message with anyone who asks! (And I’ll send it to you two.) But I don’t want to put the full list out on the forum for everyone to comment on. I’m not looking for opinions.

Make sure to do a search in the forum for questions that other people ask - we all see/prioritize things differently. You can find lots of options here: List of questions from sitters to owners



No one has ever balked at it - most folks seem to be reassured that I’ve thought through everything that completely. And I always tell them that if a question is covered in their welcome guide, they can mark the question with a “WG” instead of answering it again. I just need to know the question is answered somewhere before I agree to anything. But especially for new owners to the site, my list can help them get going on a proper welcome guide. Even for owners who have a very comprehensive welcome guide, they appreciate the list - or it may prompt them to go ahead and send their version, if it’s separate from THS’s.


I have my own welcome guide and one of the most important thing for me is that the sitter has read, understood and agreed to it BEFORE we both agree to the sit.

I always ask the sitter to confirm the consent in writing. There has never be a problem, on the contrary.

If a sitter would ask me 30 questions I would be a little bit afraid if I will have relaxed holidays …

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“four different sitters last year all different” is not really an issue.
There are so many reasons why sitters may not do a return sit: moved on from that location; back to work commitments; other sits booked in that time slot; illness; family commitments.
We are hosts as well as sitters, and do invite previous sitters, who often are not able to come back. I would hate to think this is being read as “we are problem hosts”.


@sbwade Would love to see your list as well. Think it’s smart as there are a number of HO"s who don’t send welcome guides/notes or wait until very late in the process.

There’s probably a bit of an imbalance there in levels of due diligence @Coclico - if you’d like your WG read in full and confirmed in writing back to you pre sit (def longer than 30 questions in length); then it seems totally fair for your sitter, who is your partner in this arrangement, to essentially ask for the same level of info for their comfort if they have a list like @sbwade mentions using. #equalexchangeofinfo


Ok I’m just not sure how to write that review and where to access that.

Ok so you are saying that my review will not be posted for 2 weeks after the sit ends? I was hoping to give feedback sooner because they are already looking for a new sitter.