No Newsletter

I have contacted Member Services which hasn’t helped resolve this. I still haven’t received any newsletters or any other notifications from TH, apart from my daily sit alerts.

Can someone link me to the recent newsletter please, apparently one went out on Monday?

They should be able to send you this one “by hand”, just by forwarding it to your email address.

Yes, I was surprised this wasn’t done when I received a reply from MS, it would seem rather logical when I actually stated I hadn’t received it :person_shrugging: Just thought it might be easier to get it here than go back and wait for MS to reply again. No worries, I’ll email them again.

I can forward the one that I got if you give message me your email.

Ok I’ll DM you, thanks @pietkuip

It is on its way. There is also a browser link. At first it did not work, but now it does.

I hope @Carla and @Jenny won’t mind this link:

(copy & paste if it is not clickable)

Got it :raised_hands: Thanks heaps @pietkuip :smiling_face:

I didn’t get one either

Don’t know why we didn’t @Smiley . Pietkuip has kindly attached his copy to read. I have contacted MS again to follow up.