Not Receiving Applications for Listing... :(

Hi again everyone,

I’m quite worried that I’ve only received one application for my listing. I know it’s only been one day but on other occasions, I’ve received 4 or 5 applications in a day or two!

I’m wondering if it’s because of the filters…I, myself, could not see my listing until a lovely forum member advised me to check the filters…for example, the filter was going automatically to ‘recommended sits’ instead of ‘New’ sits…and that was why I wasn’t seeing my listing.

Could that also be why potential applicants are not seeing the listing?

I’d also appreciate any advice/recommendations on what to do to help get more interest in the listing in case it is my wording etc that is the cause of lack of interest… :slight_smile:

Thanks again. This forum is invaluable at times like this as I don’t feel that Trusted House-Sitters themselves respond well at times like this. Before coming here with the problem I had about being unable to view my listing, I asked in the live chat and they could not help me…I was quite amazed at lack of effort to help!! Have others found the same?

Thanks again.

Best regards

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That is just a chatbot…

There could be lots of reasons, for example if your dates were for the holidays.

When you add your listing to your profile, people here could suggest improvements. The procedure is a bit complicated, it is described here: How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

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Thanks for your reply, yes I know that about live chats but if Trusted House-Sitters offer a live chat, they have to at some stage pass you on to an actual person who can help you. I’ve used live chats offered by other organisations and that has been the procedure and the problem usually gets solved that way.

With the chatbot over several instances, I’ve asked to speak to a human and it’s worked fine. In one instance, the humans were off and they got back to me soon after.

Thanks, that’s good to know.

As @pietkuip says, you need to link your listing to your profile before we can offer useful help @ElizaGall

Hi @ElizaGall do you still need help with this?

If yes, as @pietkuip & @Saltrams previously mentioned, you would need to link your TrustedHousesitters profile on to your Forum profile by following the attached link

If you are unsure how to do this, or if you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to ask, we are all more than happy to help. :blush:

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