Owner would like to pay stipend to sitter as incentive

Super thoughtful of you to offer some compensation. For me, being able to use the car and maybe have some money for gas would be amazing. I’ve given sitters who were driving to me gift cards to gas stations, or to a local grocery store. I also love it when people leave flowers or chocolates. I don’t drink, so if I’m driving I take the alcohol they leave and pass it on to a friend.

You could also ask them about foodstuffs they like, and offer to do a shop before they arrive. It’s also been nice for me if owners have a meal delivery service and ask if I’d want that as well. Even though I have allergies, if staying places where the nearest grocery store was a 45-minute drive each way, then this would be very welcomed.

Honestly, being thoughtful and communicative is enough. I treat my sitters as welcome guests, and prefer that kind of familiar hospitality in return.

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@bldrrose I had to look up the definition of stipend :joy:
Have you already listed ? If you have already listed are not getting applicants maybe link your listing to your profile and forum members could suggest what might be improved to attract more applications.

If you haven’t listed dates for December, I recommend that you do so promptly because you have a lot of competition.

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Some home owners do offer a cash incentive, especialy if hard to get sitters. Somebody offered me £20 a day but had large dangerous looking dogs, so declioned. Another was inland in the summer and far in advance, where they said they paid £30 a day and was for two weeks but a long way inland… Didn’t wish to commit so far in advance and prefer to actually be near the coast during summer months, so again declined, It may be against the rules but some will offer.

My view is that, very much like the debate about sitters paying for utility bills, this could be the start of the end of the very ethos on which THS was based. For THS to maintain its commitment to free, fair exchange, payments either way should be avoided otherwise it will be a slippery slope to a paid service and will take away from the concept of mutual exchange which for me was one of the reasons I chose to join. How long will it be before we see forum threads about HO’s having to ‘outbid’ each other to get sitters? For me this it not comfortable and I would avoid any sits where I was offered a cash incentive.


@bldrrose , that is very kind of you. On the rare occasions when I’ve seen this in listings it makes me think the owner doesn’t understand the way THS works. I don’t apply as it just feels uncomfortable. However, I would be very appreciative if the owner left me the money in a lump sum as a thank-you once I arrived. (Fyi, this has never happened :wink: ) I suggest you make your listing as good as it can be-- have a great heading that does not restate something that is already in the body of the listing and mention use of the car.

If you do as @Silversitters suggests and add your listing to your forum profile, forum members who see it may be interested in applying and we’ll also be able give you tips to help you make it stand out:
How to add your listing or profile to your forum profile.