"Partial" sit?

Would it be, or is it useful or appropriate to apply for a sit but clearly state that you’re only available for, say, half of the sit?

It might be ok for a long sit, like over 3 months or so, but I assume that in most cases owners would prefer the same sitter…

In case you can only do half, you might want to “double up” your arguments in your application as to why they should prefer you rather than somebody who can stay the whole length. Maybe you have specific skills, experience with that type of animal, …

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Hi you two,

from a HO’s perspective, but of course very much my own: Don’t apply, you’re basically just wasting time, yours and mine.

I have already planned my travels, added a buffer/get-to-know day onto each end and listed those days. If you now say “oh, out of your two weeks I can only be there for one”, I would just tell you that I’m away and thus can’t switch sitters in the middle, and that I insist on getting to know my sitters personally and spend time with them, no arrive-in-absence, no key drops.

I am, alas, not sure whether other HO’s don’t care so much about who takes care of their pets (the building can be replaced, but not the little monsters).

And - Els - no argument you bring forward would convince me otherwise.



I wouldn’t bother

From a sitter’s point of view, I wouldn’t want to step in halfway through a sit. If the house was a mess or something was broken, I wouldn’t know if it was the HO or the sitter who left it that way. Alternatively, if I’m the first sitter and leave the house pristine for the second sitter, how do I know in which condition it will be when the HO returns? The same goes for the animals in my care.

I can’t imagine that such a proposal would be very attractive to a HO unless they’re desperate to find a sitter.


We have taken over a sit from another sitter once, but it was a special circumstance (the owner had to extend her stay multiple times). But I wouldn’t apply unless the HO clearly states that this might be an option.

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I applied for partial once, but it was for someone I had already house-sat for. She ended up going with someone who was able to do the whole thing.

I don’t think I would do a partial application again. I would rather take responsibility for the entire sit, in case the other sitter wasn’t as tidy as I am.

I don’t think I’d want to be either the first or the second sitter. Too many questions about the condition you the pet and house in and the condition you receive.
But - I have had folks offer partial sits. I guess they must have trouble finding a sitter.

I have asked about partial sits. Now the UK has come out of the EU we can only spend 90 days in 180 in EU. I saw a honey pot of a Spanish sit but it was for five months. I thought I’d try my luck but understandable they wanted someone for the whole sit.
Everyone loves a trier.

Thank you for the input from a HO perspective. The “hand-off” scenario was the biggest obstacle that I could see. I was coming from a “would this help” angle, but this only seems to complicate the situation. As Rebecca pointed out, there might be limited or specific circumstances that might work.

As a HO - I have had sitters do partial sits. I would say very minimum 1 week of a 2 week (or longer sit) to make it worthwhile to coordinate.

If you can do a sit for part of the listing, that’s still useful to me. I have options for the rest of the time. Another sitter to hand off to - possible. The kennel for the missing days (they do pickup), also possible. If it’s just a day or two, maybe a neighbour can manages the short period.

Personally I’d rather have the application and work with a sitter than have no applications or no sitter and have to resort to the kennel for the entire period.

Hi @Holmel welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining in the conversation and expressing the point of view of an owner who has successfully chosen the partial route that worked for you.

Enjoy connecting with members from around the world …

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Hey Holmel,

thank you for another perspective on this - yes, we HOs are all different, so appreciated, I learnt something today!


Especially if it looks like the dates are coming up, it is not in a high-interest location and it appears they have not received many (or any) applications. In that case, you could offer a partial sit should the HO want to consider it.

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