Pet & House Sitting In Colorado? Our Pick Of Top Things To Do

Wondering what to do in Colorado during a house and pet sit? From exploring the Rocky Mountains to soaking up the culture in Denver, the Centennial State has plenty to offer its visitors. Breathtaking scenery, a cosmopolitan arts scene and endless opportunities for adventure make this diverse state a sought-after destination. And, when you visit as a pet sitter, you get to explore like a local with a furry best pal by your side. Here’s our pick of the best things to do in Colorado.


Thanks @Angela-HeadOfCommunity and Jemma Porter for this great roundup of things to do in Colorado. We love exploring the Rocky Mountain State, especially with a doggie buddy or two to guide us along the trails! :dog: :sunrise_over_mountains:

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Denver is one of the two places in the US where you can experience MEOW WOLF - a new immersive art/light/sound experience that will enthrall all ages.

Loveland & Fort Collins (where we live and whence we travel) are just 1 - 1.7 hours north.

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Is there anyone from Denver or Aspen who could message me about how safe it is to visit? Have seen a few sits later in the year that may work for us but wanted to hear from a local. Tis not an area of the US we’ve ventured to.


Personal safety is what i’m referring to.