Possibility of long sit, bringing your own cats?

Bit of a strange question from a newbie: has anyone ever requested a long sit and bringing sitter’s own pet(s) along? For instance, if I were to take position for three months or more months, especially out of the country, what possibility to bring along my little guys? Yes, aware of quarantine issues re: bringing pets into certain countries but any tales of such long term sits? Appreciate all helpful responses!


Hi @ReginaC , I think you would have a hard time finding an owner who would go for this as many dogs have not lived with cats and would view them as prey and cats often have a hard time sharing their space with a new cat. Still there may be some cases where it could work, especially a sit with no pets or if you could visit beforehand with your cat to see how s/he gets along with the owner’s pet(s). You would probably be better off joining as a combined member and finding a sitter for your cat while you sat elsewhere.

Here is a link where bringing your own pet is discussed. Cats are mentioned but it’s mostly about bringing your own dog on sits.



Interesting question @ReginaC - you mention that you are aware of the quarantine rules I’ve not looked into these - can you share what you have found out regarding quarantine rules for Europe or other countries . Thank you

@Silversitters In EU there’s typically no quarantine, but the pet needs to have a micro chip, vaccinations and had treatment against tapeworms. If you travel from a country where there is rabies, you’re pet must have a rabies antibody test 30 days after their rabies vaccination and not less than 3 months before travelling to the EU. An authorised vet must take the blood sample for testing by an EU approved blood-testing laboratory.

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Thank you for your reply. I don’t apply for dog sitting as I am no longer confident of walking a dog, given some of the circumstances of certain locales. Only interested in a cat sitting job. Still, cats are notoriously territorial. Hence, the query. Yes, non-pet sits probably the only possibility but interested in responses from this vast community.

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Wonderfully responsive community! More responses than I imagined and all interesting. Bottom line seems to be: it depends on the individual circumstance. Seems to me that it would be easier on both sitter and host(s) if the latter were a pet-free home, for obvious reasons. Surely, the pet-baring sitter would need to take full responsibility for damage his/her/their own pet(s) would cause. For myself, I see this only as a long term option and then, would be worth an investigative trip on my own, sans pets, first. There is also the prospect of inflicting stress on one’s own pets re: change of their home nest, travel, etc.

In any case, grateful for all those who respond(ed) and information! Lovely community!

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Hello and thank you for response. I know this only generally and not specifically. However, I will be in Germany and Israel soon and will research. Are you also a pet parent who would love to stay together for a long sit?

You get old and you realize there are no answers, just stories. GK

Taking your own cat on a sit could be possible but will the cat roam the house? This can be a real issue with not only other cats but dogs as well. I know when we were looking for a sitter we had someone apply who said she wanted to bring her cat but would leave it in it’s kennel in the bedroom.

Two problems with that:

  1. Who would want to bring a pet that has to be locked up during the entire stay? Not fair to the pet.
  2. What was the guarantee the cat would stay in that kennel? Like above, not fair to the cat and would it be let out throughout the day (which would not have been good for our dog).

This is ALWAYS something that would need to be discussed with the HO in the application process. Doing so would alleviate wasted time with a video chat if it were a no go for the HO.

Another thing to consider @ReginaC is that there are a very few sits that have no pets - for example of the thousands of sits looking for a sitter across the world only SIX have no pets .

These sits are highly sought after . I think the chances of a Home Owner who has a pet free home choosing a sitter who brings their own pets is extremely unlikely when they will have lots of sitters without pets to choose from .

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