Premium membership questions

Asking these questions because i don’t see answers in the forums.

I’m the event of a cancellation, what leeway do I have to say no replacement sits. For example, my wife is allergic to cats and birds. If TH finds a cat or bird replacement sit, and we don’t accept it, do I lose reimbursement?

How far away can the replacement sit be from the one that was canceled? If a sit in Portland, Oregon was canceled, do I have to accept a replacement in Salem?


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Hi @denniscnewman I’m sorry to hear that you’re in a cancellation situation, for the answer to your question you should connect with the Membership Services Team as they have agent who specialise in the membership Insurance products, it’s not something we can answer in detail on the forum.

Please connect with them or via the Help Centre where you find answers to most commonly asked questions.

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I’m not in a cancellation situation. Just wondering

I just had a 10-day sit cancelled and submitted an insurance claim a few days ago. THS does not help you find a sit. They just tell you to look for other sits and they are extremely vague about the requirements. I specifically asked about the sit search radius and they said I just had to search in the same city. However, I did a wider search of about 150-200 miles to be safe. I’m anxiously awaiting hearing back from the insurance since I had to pay out a lot of money to cover 10 days in an expensive area of Europe.

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Good question @denniscnewman . Hopefully someone from member services will be able to give you the definitive answer.

Whilst the terms and conditions of the insurance state

“(b) For any sit cancellation, the sitter must first allow TrustedHousesitters to attempt to source an alternative registered housesit, before seeking recourse to this policy. “

In practice the unfortunate sitters who have recently experienced cancellations have all said that THS do not help you find a sit .

Actually thinking about it , even if a sit was available for the location and dates, there’s no guarantee that the homeowner would select you as a sitter even if THS suggested that they did so …

The alternative accommodation must be within 20 miles of the sit ; so I would think it’s logical that if there’s no sit available within 20miles then a claim should be valid .

There are other things to consider should you be unfortunate to have a cancellation.

• The insurance will only cover you if the cancellation is within 14 days of start of sit ( so if you’ve bought non- refundable airplane tickets for a sit and it gets cancelled up to 15 days before , you will not be able to claim)
•a limit of $150 per night will be reimbursed
• Policy Excess- sitter pays first $100
• $1500 total limit
•THS must be notified of cancellation within 24 hours along with proof of the cancellation.
•receipts must be provided for all expenses.

So with or without the insurance you need to have a back up plan / contingency fund in the rare event that you are one of the sitters that gets cancelled.

Hi @denniscnewman you can still ask the question to the Membership Services Team … or visit the help section on the website where many insurance questions are covered.

I had 2 homeowners cancel on me this year and reach out to membership services to see if they could help me replace them. They did not help me look for replacements. They told me to find them myself and just apply. These were both cancelled on me outside of the 14 day window so I will be paying for my own lodging costs and they did nothing about the homeowners. I even asked if they were going to follow up with the homeowners who cancelled and they said no

I hope it all worked out well for you.

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I had an email conversation with TH that confirms what you wrote. One difference is that I was told they don’t care about the location of a replacement sit.