Preparing for a Guest

I have completed 16 sits and this doesn’t include a couple repeats that weren’t booked via here… (- I’ve asked for all repeats to be here so that peeps can see my schedule hence forth!)

You know, in the hosts’ “sit details” - they let us know what expectations and responsibilities that they have of us, the sitter… but why don’t we get a place to write in our profile what we would really appreciate in return? Smiles.

So I have just added the following to my profile – I put it in the section “Why we want to house sit” — so it shows a ways down in my profile… this first paragraph was there before. Then the update! Please lmk your thoughts!!

As stated above, I have been exploring the life of a “digital nomad” and find I have the right attributes to serve those looking for support with their homes and animals. I am a quick learner, curious, responsive, capable, attentive, and very warm with all mammals—humans and pets!

—>>Updated June 2023: I have now completed 16? sits since I joined this site in January. Before that, I had many solid references of homes and pets I had cared for through the years, which helped me in jumping straight into it! My first sit in January was in the UK (where I am still a legal resident), and you can see my 5* reference from that fabulous Irish pet owner - plus many others ever since. Tara had 3 English Bulldogs, with a lot of special needs, and I truly enjoyed looking after them! It was a perfect beginning to a wonderful experience over the past several months in this new adventure!

I always go out of my way to go above and beyond. Wanting to give A Plus efforts. Lots of walks, cuddles, care - photos - keeping your place tidy and having it clean and lovely upon your arrival home. I usually like to leave little gifts in exchange for anything I have gently used - (ate or drank and not shrunk - oh my! :slight_smile:

I feel I would like to give home/ pet owners some gentle advice on what I have felt to work best in this exchange… I think it could be good if this platform actually asked for these things from the pet sitting community and possibly gave the house sitters a list like this of what sitters liked… but I thought after a few months into it… it’s worth a little share to put here!

My favourite thing about this site is the reciprocity angle… and I have experienced that in spades with most of my sits. Little things go a long way… making me feel welcome as though you are expecting a house guest - like imagine a friend of friend, or a beloved distant relative, is coming to stay and perhaps you are going to show them the town and they had offered to help you out with your furry family or something like that was pre-arranged! Perhaps this imagined scenario sets the stage for what might be considered appropriate preparation. Maybe going a little bit extra to extend oneself to prepare for your guest.

In places where it’s been possible, of course I have loved being given a guest room when available — however, when that’s not possible, for me to have the bedroom I am to occupy, to feel a little effort was made to help make me feel as comfortable as possible for the few days or even weeks of my stay. Having personal effects put away on bureau and surface spaces and clear for my own use feels very respectful. And making some room in the closets and providing hangers. And where possible, also being offered a nice location in the home for a working desk with a comfortable sitting and/or office chair… Perhaps letting me know that perishable food and condiments or whatever else are welcome for consumption, etc.

This all goes a long way in truly making me feel welcome and appreciated. I have been blessed to experience this on most of my stays, and I think my reviews reflect this. I love giving and yes, also receiving the praise and the accommodations as are avail. Thank you for taking the time to read my share here. I hope to be seeing you and your furry family soon! Warmly~ Jewels


Hi @jewels welcome to our community forum and thank you for asking a great question … this aspect of the sit arrangement has been discussed and we have moved your question/suggestion here Are HO’s given suggestions to prepare for sitters? - #24 by jewels for members to pick up, contribute and discuss further.