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Hola, @Adelina_iulia and bienvenidos! I live in Baja, California - Mexico and am one of the moderators here on the Forum. Still trying to practice my Spanish daily while so many of the locals want to practice English :joy:

My sister used to live in Madrid and I loved visiting her. Spain is such a diverse and beautiful country. While I enjoyed the wines there, I couldn’t get used to that late night dining - and that was when I was 20 years younger!

As for your experience here, not to worry. You will find many others who are new as well, and a helpful community to trouble shoot any issues you may come across. Above all is your love of travel and pets which is why we’re all in it together.

I noticed from your listing that you haven’t yet included your profile which can help others know more about you and your services. Here is a link: How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

Also - it might be helpful if you include the English version of your description right below the Spanish version. Just cut and paste the following if so desired:
I am 23 years old and I live in Madrid. I like to travel and sometimes I don’t have anyone with whom I would like to try this experience, apart from that I love animals.

We look forward to seeing where you go and any positive adventures you’d like to share. Recuerdos! (Best wishes:)
Karen S and the Forum Team