Problems uploading ID

I recently joined and completed my profile, but Evident will not let me upload my ID. I keep getting an error message. The chat function indicated no one was available and I would get an email. The email said to check my camera settings, (which are fine). I’m awaiting another email, but no one has answered. Since I have already paid for a membership, I would like to have an active profile and be able to use the service. Any ideas?

That’s frustrating for you @jmcdowell555. I believe your verification must be completed and accepted before your profile goes live.

What does the error message say?
What are you trying to upload? Is it a photo of your passport/id (so a jpg or jpeg file) or is it a scan or PDF file? Or does it do that live image capture using your phone camera thing?
This is from Evident’s help pages so not sure if it helps:

Good Luck. My bank allows me to deposit checks by scanning them with my phone camera in their app but it takes me 10 minutes or more to get the phone in a position and lighting that it finally accepts.

@jmcdowell555 if the message you are getting is something about the id capture not being clear enough, but it looks ok to you, there may be an option to upload / use anyway? I had this issue when uploading my id and it took weeks before they suggested I should select upload anyway. After that it went through without an issue.


I am stuck at the ID capture. As soon as I take a picture I get the error message. I have no difficulty doing this to deposit checks remotely to my bank. I see no other option to upload a jpeg that I take (without using Evident image capture). I attempted from my laptop, but it only generates a message to my cell phone rather than allowing an upload from the laptop. So I appear to be at their mercy and no one is answering.

Hello @jmcdowell555 I’m sorry to see you are having these issues with Evident and uploading your ID. I can see you are in touch with Membership Services, they should get back to you soon.

Are you able to send them the screenshot that you posted here as that would help them see exactly what is happening? You can reply to the original agent’s email or if you can’t do that you can send it to and it will get sent through to the agent with your open case.

I hope that you get everything sorted out soon :slight_smile:

Yes, I sent the screenshot and they have not gotten back to me for several days now.

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Hello @jmcdowell555 Thanks for the update. I checked for you and I can see an agent replied to you yesterday, but there are no screenshots in the correspondence. Maybe try sending them again to make sure they have all of the information. Feel free to DM me if you don’t hear anything after you resend them and I can prompt them for you.