Reducing Number of Favorite Housesits

When we first joined I “favorited/saved” WAY too many homes. We are on our 8th sit and I find that the more sits we do the more particular we get. We’ve figured out that we like an active dog that can spend the day with us walking/hiking, small to medium size dogs, indoor cats because we don’t like leaving the cats outside if we are gone, a location we can walk to restaurants, and a super clean house (which has been very hard to figure out from pictures). So, I’m going through my favorited sits and removing a bunch. Reduced our favorites by 100 so far, currently at 379 and as a favorite comes up with a sit plan to keep reducing! How many favorite housesits do you have?

I get it about being choosier with experience. I have about 30 on my favorites list. Just the places I would REALLY like to go.


@Peg We have quite a few favourites saved and are at the point of having a look through them and changing up our list. We needed to get a few sits under our belts and learn what works for us.
Also, things like location change for us depending on where we are and where we have already visited. Plus if we have looked after many of the same breed we might want to experience different breeds etc, so I think our favourite list will always change and evolve.

I just had a look at my favourite list and there are quite a few, I keep clicking ‘view more’ and it’s still going so thank you for the reminder to do some tidying up!

I have about 10 and I agree with you about being nervous about leaving the house with outdoor cats. Last thing I want is to lose a cat on my watch


are you saying if you add a favourite if and when they come up again you will be contacted? If so…after 7 years and 20 house sits maybe I should start collecting!

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Hi @123kitty you will get a notification come up every time one of your “favourites” has new dates

@Peg I have WAY too many and have been reducing them each day. But I find the app on the phone closes after a bit of taking the favorites off (that should tell you how many I have ha ha) I’m trying to find out how to do it on my desktop for maybe a way to not get knocked off as when I do on the phone, I have to scroll past the ones I still want. Does anyone know how to reduce or remove favorite sits from my computer profile? I’d be grateful for any suggestions!

Tammie AKA Always Pawsitive!

Hi @FureverPawsitive23

The App is the best way to remove favourites. I find the favourites on the website a bit glitchy which I know the tech team will be addressing in the future.

On the App, if you go to favourites, and press the red heart button to ‘unfavourite’, it should be instantaneous, and you can immediately continue to scroll down to the next on you wish to ‘unfavour’.

Please do contact with all your phone specifcs so they can look into why you are experiencing this differently.

@Therese ,

Thank you for that. That is the way I am removing the no longer needed favourites. I must have too many because each time I’m doing it after about a mintue or two, it goes to a blank screen and I have to exit out and start all over from the start of my list again. I can’t seem to get to the end of the list. I also try scrolling to the bottom to work my way up, but it will close out that way also.

I will send the issue to the support team.

Thank you for your response!

Tammie AKA Furever Pawsitive

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Yes, I favorited a lot and don’t need any until the end of the year, so wanted to remove a lot at a time, however I still have a lot to go through and the app keeps locking up or closing out after a few minutes. :frowning:

Agree the app is the best way to get rid of them. If you have any question you can message me and I’d be happy to help you.