Referral Code Change?

I’ve just noticed that my referral code has changed?

Can someone please advise why this is @Angela-HeadOfCommunity and if the old code will still work?

I’ve managed to get 62 free months from this referral scheme and have the FORMER code printed on personal business cards of mine - if this doesn’t work for people I am giving this code to, then I’ve wasted a complete print run of my business cards I hand out to people.

Can but only think of the adage “if it ain’t broken…”!!


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Hi @claresitsdogs amazing 62 free months that’s a lot of friends joining our community, congrats!!

Unfortunately we will need to pass this to the Membership Services Team as it’s not something we can answer …

You can email meanwhile we will also send to the team …

Thank you Angela, tbh I don’t do it for the free months as I have lifetime free membership (won in 2017), but I’ve would hate to think of the potential home owners that might not have joined TH as my old code no longer works.

Would have been nice to have been told of this change in regards to my business cards.


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Hi @claresitsdogs could you DM me your codes please and will get them checked.