Referral Link via My Profile Page

Is there a way I can share my profile with someone who isn’t a member of THS, but whereby it also has my referral code linked to it?

If not, why not? It’s a very easy way for THS to get more referrals.


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Hi @HappyDeb

Angela is off line at the moment, so I am happy to answer your question.

On the App, if you open up your profile, there is a little share button at the top, next to the Edit button. There is also a separate refer-a-friend (under the ‘me’ section).

Unfortunately, there is not a way to send both your profile and your refer-a-friend promotion code at the same time.

This may be due to keeping your specific code private, but I will certainly pass this on to the product team.

Ahhh that’s what I thought, not a way to combine the two. Thanks for your help anyway.