Review dates and location

Does anyone else have a glitch with reviews left for you with locations that you know you haven’t been to or dates of sits that don’t match up with your records? These are all from a few years ago so I’m not sure if a change happened on the system?

@travellingnomad - I think if the homeowner moves and changes their location then all their previous reviews revert to the new location

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ah must be, any idea about dates being off?

Sorry, no idea about that one - maybe @Vanessa-Admin does?

Hi. I’ve had the same thing happen to my reviews for location (no issue with dates) and I wish this didn’t happen. I have had some far more exotic locations changed to much closer ones because of this. It’s minor maybe, but I like my reviews to accurately reflect the diversity of my sits. @Ben-Product

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You’re right Colin, i applied to a sit in Paris which had reviews written by former sitters who sat for this new parisian in…Stockholm. So they described her sweedish flat, with a view and surroundings fairly different from the parisian home where i sat…

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@travellingnomad I don’t know of any issues with dates but if it’s causing you problems ongoing, do send an email into, with the details of the issue and they will look into it for you on your account. As Colin mentions, for locations they do seem to change to the new location if a home owner moves, but that shouldn’t affect dates. Hope you get to the bottom of it :slight_smile:

Hi @travellingnomad

I put your question regarding the dates to @Katie-MembershipServices and here is her response

“Cannot answer the date issue only that the dates were changed verbally and not on the site, we have never had issues with the dates having changed. The only thing that might be showing differently is if they are reviewing the reviews while in preview, in the edit profile section as that is just a preview and not the correct profile view. Otherwise there are no known issues with this”

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